Cape Raoul

Cape Raoul pictures. A remote corner of Tasmania, perhaps the least known of Australia's states.

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Cape Raoul on the southern edge of Tasmania

Tasmanian cows staring fixedly at the rare sight of a traveller (Tasmania is a large island off the coast of Australia)

Looking down the southern hemisphere's highest (300m) cliffs on the Tasman Peninsula

Tasmanian mountains

Perched on top of Cape Raoul's cliffs


Shy echidna (a hedgehog-like animal); driving in Australia at night involves being on a constant lookout for wildlife; when our hostel's owner learned that we'll be driving at night, her advice was: 'If you accidentally hit something, make sure it's dead...'

Tasmanian fields



The Tasman Sea

Eucalypt trees contain oil, making some Australian wildfires last for weeks or even months

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