Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park pictures. Grampians National Park - this hot and dry nature reserve is full of wildlife (this includes fearless kangaroos wandering into campsites) and endless landscapes a couple of hours' drive from Melbourne.

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Dirt track in the Grampians National Park

The dry Grampians Plains after the drought of early 2009

The dry lands of the Grampians

On the road in Australia

Vast fields in the Grampians Plains

Gundawilia(?) - private property in the Grampians

The national park is full of kangaroos and other wildlife

Summer by the MacKenzie River

Above the Grampian wilderness

The summit of Mount Zero, a sandstone hill in the Grampians

View across the Grampian Plains

The MacKenzie River

One has to be extremely careful in Australia to avoid running over animals which come out at dusk (kangaroos and possums are probably the most adventurous ones, trying to see your car from up close)

Tiny settlement (possibly of holiday homes?) near Halls Gap

Sunset in the Grampian Plains

On the road

Grampian landscape

The plains surrounding the Grampian Mountains

The dangers that may befall you while hiking

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