Vienna pictures. Vienna, previously the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs' Austro-Hungarian Empire, is today a lively city characterized in several ways by the old empires - much of their city planning and architecture remains intact, making Vienna charming and attractive.
Vienna's most well-known attractions are probably the Hofburg (the Habsburgs' Imperial Palace), Schönbrunn Palace (with its vast palace gardens including a zoo), the huge cathedral Stephansdom, the Opera House, Belvedere Palace and the Prater (a large amusement park with a giant ferris wheel); several of which can be seen in these pictures.
Besides busy architectural attractions there are also many peaceful parks and the city is trying to make the most of the Danube flowing through it.
Also worth noting is the more than 200m high Donauturm TV transmitter tower, from which there's an excellent view of the city, and bungee-jumping is also an option.

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Art nouveau staircase in a tenement near downtown Vienna

The garden (Burggarten) of the Hofburg, the central palace of the Habsburg dynasty.

Winter in the Burggartenn

Charge! Heldenplatz in front of the Hofburg

Viennese church.

Alessi design store in downtown Vienna.

The ~200m high Donauturm in Vienna. On the left you can see the bungee jumping rope hanging.

The tip of the Danube island where the Prater is situated

The Eagle (one of the symbols of Austria) in front of the Parliament House.

The Cemetery of the Nameless (Namenlos means nameless) is where bodies found in the Danube are buried

The Cemetery of the Nameless at night

Unique work of art in one of the Austrian artist workshops.

Burg Kino: an English-language Cinema on Opernring.

Postmodern office tower with the old Urania observatory in the background

The palace-like building of the Kunsthistorischesmuseum was never used as a palace - surprisingly, it was constructed to be a museum.

Tram signs in front of the Vienna Opera House (Staatsoper).

Parisian atmosphere.


Where lost pens go - a shopwindow in downtown Vienna

Pool ship - the green background is the Blue Danube (actually it's the Danube Canal, but it's still green)

A ferris wheel in the Prater, Vienna's huge amusement park.

U2 (Underground Line 2) towards Karlsplatz

The Ring

Small roof garden

Peaceful Sunday afternoon in the courtyard of Schloss Schönbrunn.



Post-Habsburg benches in Schönbrunn's garden.

Staircase in a tenement in Vienna

Fairly typical street near downtown Vienna

Evening talk

Old Type E tram on Taborstrasse

Tram speeding past near Vienna's Opera House.


The staircase of an old tenement

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