Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro pictures. Photos of Rio's iconic beaches and downtown, and also of its (unfortunately also characteristic) shantytowns (favelas).

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Rio de Janeiro as seen from Sugarloaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar)

Cycle from the Itaú bike hire network whose stations are scattered around central Rio


Rua do Lavradio


Catedral FM in Rio's postmodern concrete cathedral

Chopps (small glasses of cold beer so they don't get too warm) accumulating in a pub in Leblon

Coconut stall, Flamengo neighbourhood

Ipanema beach


Brazilian Cow Parade cow with Rio favelas (shantytowns) painted on its side


Favela dog

Sugarloaf Mountain

Climbing the hill to the Santa Teresa neighbourheed

Tattoos are very popular in Brazil

A police bus belonging to the Tropa Elite (Elite Troops), in charge of policing some of the shantytowns of Rio. The skull is the Tropa Elite's logo.

An Elite Troop bulldozer parked outside a favela

Casa da Escadaria - The House of Stairs, on the Selarón steps in Lapa

The Selarón steps are an ever-changing work of art by Jorge Selarón, who continuously replaces the colourful tiles with new ones (sent from all around the world as contributions to the project)

In the Rocinha favela

Houses stacked on top of each other in a favela, where land (which often includes another house's roof) is essentially free for new arrivals

Amigos dos Amigos (Friends of Friends - possibly a thinly-veiled threat to everyone who's not a friend), the gang that controls (or at least used to control) Rio's largest favela, Rocinha

The favela, as seen by an artist from the favela (artist's workshop in the Rocinha favela)


Fishing on the rocks of Arpoador (between Copacabana and Ipanema)

Fried Brazilian sausage (Linguiça) and fried manioc (a great substitute for French fries; it's frequently eaten in the tropics) at Cook in Rio's excellent cooking course



The Bread Guy


Ipanema, with the Dos Irmaos (Two Brothers) mountain in the background

Well-off Ipanema with a shantytown in the background

Great outdoor jazz in Lapa (Nova Lapa Jazz)

Jesus saves

Favela kids

Regeneration of the historic Lapa neighbourhood. One of the local trams cross on top of this viaduct

A Lapa viadukt

Largo do Machado underground station (Metro Rio)

Layers - Rio has an amazing geography


Selarón steps

Sao Martinho, an organization helping at-risk youth

Downwards from Santa Teresa

Music at night on the beach


A Clockwork Orange cow at Cow Parade



The people of Rio

The pineapple guy


Brazil 2010


Ropewalk on Ipanema - with the lights of Rocinha, Rio's largest shantytown in the background


The isolated, pretty and quiet Urca neighbourhood

Bible next to the toilets in the Santa Scenarium restaurant (ironically?) decorated with statues and paintings of saints

Scrapyard art in Santa Teresa

The tiled Selarón steps

Shoe polish

Rio is obsessed with beauty

Miscellaneous (antiques store on Rua do Lavradio)

View from Sugarloaf towards Botafogo and Laranjeiras

Rio's iconic Lapa aqueduct (Arcos da Lapa) and the area's musical heritage combined in this tattoo

Trumpet and lamps

Urban climbing

Ipanema and Leblon

Wedding photo


Electric cables in Santa Teresa

People from Rio


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