Croatia pictures. Croatia, mostly stretching along the coast of the Adriatic, owes much of its beauty to the sea: from several hundred year old seaside towns to the untouched nature of barely inhabited islands, the coast of the Adriatic offers a varied and wonderful landscape. In the pictures below you can find the faces of Krk Island, Pula, Rijeka, Rovinj, Opatija, Split and Zlarin island, with the only non-maritime exception being Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

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Krk Island

The setting sun paints the nature pink on Krk Island with the Istria peninsula in the background.

Krkian life.

Scenic island-oil refinery symbiosis.


Alley in Rovinj


Italian, French and English ads on a corner in Rovinj (Paninoteca means bread-o-shop)

On one of Rovinj's hills

Empty street at 2am

The family

Ristorante di Giannino hidden among the alleys of the town



Going to town


The peninsula with Rovinj's old town on it

In the port

Old pub - the bottles are filled with bitter local brandy




The storm of the century in the city

Street life in Rovinj


Colorful blobs

On Rovinj's peninsula


The Big Blue as seen from the quaint Croatian town of Opatija.

Foreboding atmosphere before storm.

Evening colors in Opatija.

Church window in Opatija.

The Bay of Kvarner

The Istria Peninsula as seen from the Rijeka campsite.

Opatija at night.

Open sea.



The deserted beach of Opatija at night.


The Amphitheater (or 'Arena') of Pula, which is the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in existence.

Pula is in a region of Croatia heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, hence its resemblance to Italian towns.

Ancient triumphal arch (Arch of the Sergii) in the street in Pula.


Another fine example of Pula's Italian atmosphere.

The Roman Temple of Augustus (built around 10 AD) in an atmospheric square in Pula.

Industrial love (Uljanik shipyard, Pula)

Last rays.

Sunset as seen from the Stupice campsite near Pula


The dominant architectural style of Split's downtown.

Rocky beach near Split.

Cubic church in Split.

Golden wall in the old town of Split.

The port of Split at night.

Split's harbor serves as a promenade in the evening.

Waterfront house wall in Split.

Lovers on pier.

Door in Split's old town.

Split is the largest coastal city of Croatia, and has one of the best-preserved old towns.

The interior of Split's downtown belltower.

Hideaway in the stone old town of Split.

The old windows of Split.

Peeling door.


Zagreb's streets.

In remembrance.

Typical Eastern European eclectic buildings lining Jelasic Square, the main square of Zagreb.

The glavny kolodvor (central station)

The old town of Zagreb.

A Zagrebian park often frequented by lovers.

Bicycle with a trashcan - very handy

Jelasic Square

People hurrying to get their trams

Jelasic Square, the main square of Zagreb.

Interwoven tramways and pavements on Jelasic Square.


Bus stop

The transport map of Rijeka

The market in Rijeka.

Over the remnants of the Rijeka market

The promenade in Rijeka


People gather for a wedding in a small Croatian village.


Croatian mountains near the Adriatic sea seen from the village of Skrad.

Zlarin Island

Zlarin is one of the less inhabited islands of Croatia, close to Sibenik.

The tranquil port of Zlarin island.

Sun sets on the Adriatic.

Idle seagull on Zlarin island.

Evening shower on Zlarin.

Sun sets on Zlarin island.

Sailing out.

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