Pula pictures. Pula is a heavily Roman-influenced maritime town in Northern Croatia on the Istria Peninsula (close to the Italian border), and has in many ways the atmosphere of a peaceful Italian town. Its most well-known sights also originate from Roman times: a triumphal arch (in the middle of a pedestrian precinct), its cosy old town, and the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the world.

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The Amphitheater (or 'Arena') of Pula, which is the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in existence.

Pula is in a region of Croatia heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, hence its resemblance to Italian towns.

Ancient triumphal arch (Arch of the Sergii) in the street in Pula.


Another fine example of Pula's Italian atmosphere.

The Roman Temple of Augustus (built around 10 AD) in an atmospheric square in Pula.

Industrial love (Uljanik shipyard, Pula)

Last rays.

Sunset as seen from the Stupice campsite near Pula

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