Denmark pictures. Denmark is the smallest and southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, bordering on Germany in the south. Its geography consists of the mainland (called Jutland) and about 400 small islands, but the faraway Faroe Islands and the even further Greenland (being 50x as big as mainland Denmark) are also parts of the country. Denmark's geography means a close relationship to the sea, with the most important places being atmospheric seaside towns. Contrary to Scandinavia's 'cold' image, Denmark has its fair share of sunshine and pleasant temperatures in the summer, making it an ideal travel destination.
This photo gallery displays pictures of the capital, stunning Copenhagen (having great examples of Scandinavian architecture), and a picturesque town, Helsingor, which lies where the strait between Denmark and Sweden is the narrowest.

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Evening talk

Nyhavn (New Harbour), the most beautiful street in Copenhagen

Nyhavn 17

Nyhavn is full of people every night in the summer

Nyhavn boats, Copenhagen

Fire painter in Nyhavn



Scandinavian colors

Nyhavn in daylight

Amalienhavn in Copenhagen is a port of several centuries old ships


The Central Staion of Copenhagen

The Round Tower of Copenhagen, serving as an observatory, and - more recently - as an exhibition hall


View across the strait between Denmark and Sweden from Helsingor

Typical scandinavian house in downtown Helsingor

Orange + Blue


Old Scandinavian house in Helsingor

The colors of Scandinavia

Orange hut belonging to Hamlet's Elsinore Castle

Anna Queens Straede

The old train station

This architectural style - lacking any apparent parallel lines - is quite popular in Denmark

Parking in Helsingor

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