Copenhagen pictures. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, situated on the edge of a large island. The city is made up of beautiful Scandinavian houses, an atmospheric and lively city center, green parks, large royal palaces and castles, narrow and wide channels, ports with hundred-year-old ships, peaceful waterfront walkways, hundreds of bicycle routes, and even beaches of white sand. Its an unique experience for anybody who hasn't tasted Northern European life yet.

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Evening talk

Nyhavn (New Harbour), the most beautiful street in Copenhagen

Nyhavn 17

Nyhavn is full of people every night in the summer

Nyhavn boats, Copenhagen

Fire painter in Nyhavn



Scandinavian colors

Nyhavn in daylight

Amalienhavn in Copenhagen is a port of several centuries old ships


The Central Staion of Copenhagen

The Round Tower of Copenhagen, serving as an observatory, and - more recently - as an exhibition hall

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