Egypt pictures. Images of Cairo's streets, people and daily life. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a gigantic city of more than 15 million people - it's old, it's noisy, it's overcrowded, it's chaotic and if you like this kind of place, it's absolutely stunning. A city where having traffic lights or lanes is completely pointless (as someone put it: a red light is only an opinion), where you'll find an incredible number of both gracious minarets and shapeless concrete buildings (with the ubiquitous black Ladas zigzagging among them), where people are extremely friendly and greet foreigners with loud 'Welcome!' cries (and I don't mean the ones trying to sell you something), where you often find the friendliest people in the darkest alleys where you didn't think was a good idea to go in the first place.

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Al-Azhar mosque and university (the religious center of Egypt) and old crates thrown onto the roof of the adjacent market

Drying clothes are present even among the mausoleums of the North Cemetery

Authentic Egyptian kiosk (apparently a Cadbury and Coca Cola-reseller)

The North Cemetery (often called the City of the Dead by foreigners) houses tens of thousands of living people

You can find shops, coffee houses, garages, and even a post office in the North Cemetery

The North Cemetery can be a rather daunting place if you haven't met the locals yet

Graffiti on a crumbling mausoleum

Afternoon in the City of the Dead

Friendly locals in the cemetery who invited us for a tea and told us a few things about the place

Kids playing football in the North Cemetery

Tiny coffee house on Ramses Way (Sharia Ramses) - in the background you can see a crate with 'Coca Cola' written on it in Arabic

Street life on Al-Gomhouria - the man on the right is selling Hibiscus tea (Karkade) from the kettle attached to his back

View over an alley

Dingy downtown alley

A jolly place

People walking freely on 4-lane boulevards (pedestrians have right of way if they want to)

Book and pretzel trade

Pedestrians on 26th July Street in downtown Cairo

The '80s today

El-Fishawy coffee house in the middle of Khan el-Khalili bazaar

Tractor vehicle in the North Cemetery

Where the 19th century meets the '70s

It's not rush hour yet

Little square in Al-Gomhouria

Cairo at dawn

People going to work at 6am

Customers at the El-Fishawy

Cairene workmen

Midan Tahrir, the main square of Cairo, and the sign of Sadat underground station

From 1000-year-old Al-Azhar mosque to 20th century pink paint

Closing time near Cairo's Christian quarter

On the way home

On the way home II.

Tahrir Bridge leads to hotel-infested Zamalek Island

Arabic number plate (read '21866'); the words above indicate that this is a police car, which kind of explains why policemen asked me what I was doing after taking the picture

Residential area near Ramses Station

A billboard of Egyptian singer Ali El-Haggar

Shantytown-architecture mingling with minarets and mausoleums in the North Cemetery


A Cairo street sign - there are also many street signs in latin letters but they're not easy to find

Cairo skyscrapers

We were told in Tangier that 'Morocco is Africa! Six person in taxi is normal!', but it's different here - they prefer to take six people by two cars, often winding up in two completely different places

Café - they only had 'European' tea here for some reason

This part of Cairo is a gigantic set of cramped blocks of flats (west of the Nile)

'Walk like an Egyptian' (the secret of crossing a road like this quickly, according to a local)

Beautifully calligraphed sign of a dermatologist in Midan Tahrir

Dr. Victor's office in the city center

Cairenes like to make use of the advertising space on their balconies

Lunch break in the old workshop

Narrow street full of workshops near Al-Azhar

Life in downtown Cairo

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