Brighton pictures. Brighton is a seaside resort on the southern coast of Britain, overlooking the English Channel. Even though England isn't famous for its sunny beaches, a clear day in summer (with the crowds following it) creates an atmosphere similar to that of the French riviera.

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Crowds on a summer afternoon (we just got there after cycling from London)

51, 52

A sign that says that it's forbidden to climb into the bin. We laughed at first, then the next day read in the paper about a guy who slept in the bin and almost suffocated.

Brighton beach

Far away

Church or gymnastic club? (Many churches in England are converted into pubs, flats, etc.)

People in Hove

Hove promenade in Brighton & Hove

Arriving on the seaside

Beach huts


Illuminated Brighton Pier at night

Kemp Town


Old pavilion

Near the end of Brighton Pier. The pier houses a large amusement arcade, two roller coasters, several restaurants, etc.

A playground on the beach

Along Marine Parade

Brighton promenade

The amusement park on Brighton Pier can be seen in the distance with its roller coasters

Cafe next to a golf course strategically situated next to a busy road (what if they hit a car?, one might wonder)

The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence built in the 19th century in an architectural style inspired by Indian architecture

The spires of the Royal Pavilion

The English Channel

Breakwater Cafe





In front of Brighton railway station

View along Marine Parade and the beach


According to the sing on the left, tarot consultant Ivor's clients include major banks and pharmaceutical companies. Which is rather reassuring.

Anglers on a pier-like structure protecting Brighton Marina

Brighton Beach

These are the remnants of the West Pier (another entertainment pier), which burned down in 2003. A 183-metre observation tower will probably be built to 'replace' it

Looking back towards downtown Brighton and Brighton Pier

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