Cambridge pictures. Images from the university town of Cambridge, showing among others the beautiful college buildings and activities popular in the city like cycling and punting on the river Cam.

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Hundreds (thousands?) of bicycles at the bike park in front of Cambridge rail station

A Cambridge cafe overlooking the university buildings (there's even a sign inside saying that one world-famous scientist from the university used to eat here)

Bikes are one of the most popular mode of transportation in Cambridge

Terraced houses (or row houses) in Cambridge


Couple's cycling

Hiring a boat from Darwin College

A day out (by the River Cam)

The yearly Cambridge Beer Festival on Jesus Green is organised by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale

Relaxing (passed out?) at the Cambridge Beer Festival

Beer festival

A summer day in Cambridge

An English Sunday roast is a traditional pub dish: roast pork or beef, vegetables, gravy and yorkshire puddings (the round fried side dish on the plates)

3 generations


Summer in Grantchester Meadows (outside Cambridge) which inspired the eponymous Pink Floyd song

The entrance to Homerton College, part of the University of Cambridge

Campus lawn

Infant study at the University of Cambridge for 2-8 week old babies. Would you submit your child to such a study?

Variations of the Keep Calm and Carry On theme

The River Cam and Cambridge University buildings

A market in downtown Cambridge

After a boat race

Rowing is very popular in Cambridge


A parasol attached to a punt on a hot summer day

An entrance to St John's College of Cambridge University

According to the sign, only members of the university (or those here on business) can enter this gate

Park with locals playing some kind of game with a ball and nets

Park avenue


Aggressive piglet.

A Day with Plato - what is justice?

Posters in downtown Cambridge

A fairly pretentious way to dress your child

Professors of Gonville and Caius College (University of Cambridge). Stephen Hawking's door is a few metres away from here. Many of the college courtyards can be visited (some for free) by visitors.

The labels of (probably local) ales: Bucket of Blood, Heavenly Blond, Medusa, Mammon, ...

Summer punting

No bicycles, dogs, radios or picnics

Gardens between two rows of terraced houses


Old ads - Raleigh [a bicycle brand] is ridden all over the empire

On a punt

A relaxing summer day

Cambridge riverside


Rowing in Cambridge is big

Science Festival, Cambridge (where one of the world's top universities is located)

Science meets Faith

Cambridge market

Star Wars concert by St John's Music Society

Statue, pheasant

Kingston Street, where several people feel a strong anti-Tesco sentiment according to the flyers in many windows

A less spectacular college building

Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Velociraptor, a perfect name for an extremely slow boat

Andy Warhol cows

Darwin College

Garage door

Wedding photos


Punting in front of Trinity College (University of Cambridge)

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