Dungeness pictures. Dungeness, once described by The Times as 'the British seaside redesigned by Tim Burton', is a desolate expanse of ramshackle huts, rotting fishing boats, rusting machinery and renovated houses scattered around a peninsula in Kent.

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Not Utah - the fishing huts of the Dungeness peninsula with railways next to them (these used to launch boats when this was still a thriving fishing community)

Only about 40 fishermen remain in the area - the boats of the rest are left rotting on land

Old fishing boat


An example of the old machinery lying around

Clothes hanger; the rows of pylons in the background carry electricity from Dungeness Nuclear Power Station located a mile from here

Hut with a view

Emma Jane with one of the remaining lighthouses in the background

On the beach


Boat winch

Fishing nets

The Dungeness Pyramid?



Fair chance

Gutted boat

Boat launching tracks

The still operational 15-inch(!) gauge Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

Mobile hut

Houses in Dungeness Village are apparently quite sought after among people who like the area's desolate and remote atmosphere

The remote entrance of Dungeness Village

Turn spider nut till hard against collar

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