Isle Of Wight

Isle Of Wight pictures. The Isle Of Wight is a beautiful island boasting peaceful coastal towns (e.g. Ryde) and - sadly not unspoilt - nature. The coastline (covered by the 60-mile coastal path) has some really beautiful cliffs and beaches for example around the Alum Bay area on the western tip of the island. The island is situated on the English Channel separating England and France, and can be quickly reached by taking the ferry from Portsmouth.

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Alum Bay, Isle of Wight

The colorful rocks of Alum Bay

Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight

America(n-themed toys in England)

The white cliffs (Culver Cliff) that Whitecliff Bay was named after

The sea on a hot day

A causeway dissecting scenic Bembridge Harbour

This is what happens to your ears if you turn too fast

The ferry to the Isle of Wight takes about 15 minutes from Portsmouth

On the ferry




Low tide in the Ryde Roads area

The man with the bag

Low tide in Ryde

On the Isle of Wight

The Needles

Progress for the island

Beautiful house in Ryde

At the end of Ryde Pier

The open sea as seen from a clifftop

The island is excellent for cycling

Peeling walls

The long pier in Ryde. needed because the sea recedes a lot at low tide

A great place to practice cycling in an exact straight line (not as easy as it looks)

English summer

Whitecliff beach

The island is full of great roads for cycling, connecting the tiny villages


Whitecliff Bay

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