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England: Essential England pictures. London - from the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic cluster of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter around Ladbroke Grove, the capital of England is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery mostly contains photos of London, and will show you many of its well-known places, and also many 'hidden' spots that all add to the atmosphere of this striking metropolis.
The gallery also contains images of some of England's most beautiful places outside London including historic towns and nature reserves.

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View over Greenwich

Multi-cultural Camden Lock Market is centered around atmospheric Regent's Canal

Hundred-year-old trees in Berkeley Square, in London's luxurious Mayfair district

Bowls (a variant of bowling) is played with asymmetrical balls (here by City workers after office hours)

Norman Foster's unique Canary Wharf tube station

Night falls on London

Typical London homes with little gardens at the back

London's colors

Dark street

The classic Routemaster doubledecker (not in service since December 2005)

Finsbury Park

Baker Street, the world's first underground station

Tranquil streetscape on a rare snowy day

The Grand Union Canal, part of the channel network crossing London

The 220km-long Grand Union Canal in Perivale, Northwest London

Autumn in Green Park

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

Stargazing by the Highgate (or Hampstead) Ponds in Hampstead Heath

Two rows of houses usually enclose two rows of gardens in residential London

Short on space (boat in Little Venice)

A smallish living room (or patio?) in Little Venice

Having a beer at lunchtime is a pretty common thing in England

Millennium Bridge (inaugurated in 2000, although was later closed down for years because of its instability)

The Northcote pub in the western part of Clapham - a 'trendy' (think lots of wine bars) area where a traditional pub looks out of place

It's actually a pretty good beer

Cowley Street, where not much changed over the last century

Life in Oxford Circus

Alexandra Park

The huge number of parks in London mean they are accessible to virtually everyone

Directions, Parliament Square

The UK's famous red phone booth

Piccadilly Circus with some of the world's most famous (and expensive) advertisements

Piccadilly Circus's Eros statue always attracts crowds

Piccadilly Circus

Evening in Portobello Road Market

Evening traffic in Soho

Bikes parked in Noel Street

The sweeping architecture of Regent St

Alexandra Park

Snow in London, which ranks on the plant hardiness scale (determining how hard it is fow plants to survive the cold months) on the same level with Arizona, is quite rare

St Paul's Cathedral in the autumn

British pub food - rump steak with chips, fried onions, mushrooms and tomatoes

The Tower & the City of London

The pub, situated near the team's stadium, is popular with Arsenal fans after Premier League games

London pubs are famous for their unusual names - the Auld Triangle is a pretty good example

Alexandra Park

View to the south


At the end of Southend Pier, 2km from the shore

2km long Southend Pier

Landscape, Thames Estuary

Towards the sea

A train connects the two ends of the pier (it has two stops)


CAUTION ROCKS, says the sign on the right




Steep Hill is Lincoln's main street leading up to the 900 year-old cathedral

Night in the old town of Lincoln



The newest grave originates from around 1950, the oldest from the early 1800s

Green's Mill in Nottingham, producing flour up to this day


51, 52

Brighton beach

Far away


Illuminated Brighton Pier at night

Kemp Town


Near the end of Brighton Pier. The pier houses a large amusement arcade, two roller coasters, several restaurants, etc.

Along Marine Parade

The amusement park on Brighton Pier can be seen in the distance with its roller coasters

Cafe next to a golf course strategically situated next to a busy road (what if they hit a car?, one might wonder)

Brighton Beach

Peak District

Looking back from Lose Hill at Back Tor

Farmland near Edale

Moorland in the Peak District

Path leading down to Edale

The Peak District's colors

Climbing the path leading to Hollins Cross

Hope valley

Forest pathway.

Isle Of Wight

Alum Bay, Isle of Wight

The colorful rocks of Alum Bay

The Needles

Exmoor National Park

English countryside

The peninsula called Foreland Point

Please Shut All Gates - the sign implies this is a public right of way (ie. a public path crossing private land), but you need to check the map to be sure

The oceanside village of Lynmouth, at the shared estuary of the East Lyn and West Lyn rivers - the area is sometimes called The English Switzerland

Road trip

Beware of the sheep - and indeed, we did have a few surprise encounters with a few sheep that clearly didn't understand what we were doing on their road

The sheep


Bikes are one of the most popular mode of transportation in Cambridge

An entrance to St John's College of Cambridge University


On the coast of Hunstanton

Birds circling over the North Sea

The chalk cliffs of Hunstanton. There are signs at the top advertising phone numbers and email addresses where people who want to commit suicide (by jumping off the cliff) can turn to for help

Evening in Hunstanton on top of the chalk cliffs.

Seven Sisters

The English Channel

Tree permanently deformed by the strong winds

The tangled branches of the deformed tree

Cross and flowers on top of Beachy Head cliff, the most popular place to commit suicide in England

A great location for rugby and football pitches

The colours of the sea

The Seven Sisters cliffs as seen from the top of the first peak, Haven Brow


Medieval Fish Street

Georgian door and window

The old town of Shrewsbury

St John's Hill

The River Severn, The Quarry park, Kingsland Bridge and downtown Shrewsbury


Dog's perspective


While pubs don't serve food in the afternoon until 7pm, the two fish & chips shops in Aldeburgh have queues tens of metres long - for some reason locals don't really seem to grasp the concepts of supply and demand

Old boat

The Aldeburgh seaside with two nuclear reactors (Sizewell A and B) hidden in the scenery

While South England's rainy reputation is just a myth, scenes like this one aren't that common in this region




Members of Folkestone's fishing fleet at low tide

Low tide


Sign indicating a right of way (that is, a legal right to cross private land) - England is full of these and councils are legally required to singpost them

Overlooking the Mere

The market square of Framlingham

Karaoke, crib drive (this one's a mystery), quiz night, BBQ - a countryside pub's nightly programme

Great North Way

Dowdell's Wood in spring

The National Cycle Network is maintained by the charity Sustrans (Sustainable Transport)

Traditional houses in Old Knebworth


Hikers, who have just traversed the arete Striding Edge, approaching the summit


Top of the world

The Lake District's indigenous Herdwick sheep


The arete Striding Edge on a busy day (it's not the easiest way to the summit but by far the best, perhaps apart from its sister Swirral Edge on the other side of the valley)


Sunset Ices

Morecambe, a once thriving resort town, is only a shadow of its former self (these pictures were taken in 2009)

Houses overlooking the Irish Sea

North Downs Way

The turquoise waters of England

The white cliffs of Dover (this is a few miles from the town of Dover)

Under the cliffs of Dover


The Devon coastline in Plymouth

Dog-swimming on a sultry March day

Scone with blackcurrant jam and cream - a great English dessert


Ullswater is the second largest lake in England

Patterdale at the western tip of the lake

The footpath running along the shore

Taking a rest by the footpath running along the southern shore of Ullswater

'It's just resting.' - indigenous Herdwick sheep

White Cliffs Country

On top of the 100m high cliffs of Dover

The massive cliffs are visible from France on a clear day as a long white strip

Beach huts and boats along Kingsdown beach

Cycling home

The Kingsdown beach huts


View from Kingsdown

View over Kingsdown and Deal (with 300m-long Deal pier on the right)

Bushes permanently deformed by the prevailing winds

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