London pictures. From the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic chain of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter centered around Ladbroke Grove, from the old docks of world trade to the multitude of languages you can hear in the street, London is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery will show you many of the well-known places, and also 'hidden' spots that all add to the incredible atmosphere of this striking metropolis.

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View over Greenwich

Multi-cultural Camden Lock Market is centered around atmospheric Regent's Canal

On Pall Mall looking towards Trafalgar Square

Walk the Line at The Screen on Baker Street

Belgravia, a very rich area of cream-coloured mansions next to Victoria station

Hundred-year-old trees in Berkeley Square, in London's luxurious Mayfair district

Summer by the Regent's Canal near Camden

'Having your spirits lifted can make it a good day' (apparently)

This is always nice

Under the bridge - second-hand 'bookshop' below Waterloo Bridge, next to the Thames

Carrying London's rental bikes so they're evenly distributed

Renting Boris Bikes (named after Boris Johnson who was London's mayor when the bikes were installed)

Bowls (a variant of bowling) is played with asymmetrical balls (here by City workers after office hours)

Old iron bridge in Kensal Rise, London

The results of the docklands regeneration (decaying old warehouses turned into flats and offices)

Butler's Wharf

Suffering plam trees by Butlers Wharf (London's climate is actually very good for plants as temperature hardly dips below zero)

Forlorn Butlers Wharf on a day in February 2009 when most of London's public transport ground to a halt

The Pool of London

Winter on the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen's terrace, overlooking Hyde Park's Serpentine Lake

Floating houses

Cycling along the Regent's Canal

Boat houses on the Grand Union Canal

Towpath Cafe on Regent's Canal in Hackney (next to the De Beauvoir Road bridge)

Canary Wharf, London's modern quarter with the driverless Docklands Light Railway in the middle

Canary Wharf geometry

Post- & modern

Norman Foster's unique Canary Wharf tube station

They didn't really spare the money when the Jubilee Line Extension was planned


Pet cemetery in Hyde Park (near Victoria Gate).

Acton Central

Chain of lights on the Queen's Walk, on the south bank of the Thames between London and Tower Bridges

Night falls on London

Queen's Walk lit up

Typical London homes with little gardens at the back

Cheeses at Broadway Market

Chelsea Bridge

The entrance of Chinatown in SoHo, London's nightlife district

Chinese shops in Gerrard Street

Texture-mosaic, Chinatown

Chinese New Year, Chinatown

Chinese sign by Westminster Council

No entry in Chinatown

These grilled chorizo sandwiches (sold by a Spanish retailer) are just one of the many different cuisines you can sample at Borough Market (a 5-minute walk from London Bridge)

Catholic church in Chamberlayne Road

One of the Chamberlayne Road churches glowing in the sunset

Bank junction during the afternoon rush hour; in a few hours, the place will become completely deserted

Life in Clapham High Street

Jewish family in Walthamstow Marshes near the Hasidic Jewish neighbourhoods Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton


Closed down

Closing time in Maida Vale

A cash machine in East London (Walthamstow) speaking Cockney rhyming slang (Charlie Sheen = screen; sausage and mash = cash; rattle and tank = bank)

Cockney cash machine after selecting the fast sausage and mash (fast cash) option. Speckled hen = ten, Horn of plenty = twenty, etc.

London's colors

London's colors II.

Shipyard by Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe


Covent Garden Market (not an Apple Market any more)

People in Covent Garden

The Piazza (the square surrounding Covent Garden Market)

Towpath Cafe overlooking Regent's Canal

Cycles in London Fields

Cycling between the hedges in Rickmansworth's quiet Springwell Lane (zone 7)

Crossroads in Clerkenwell

Shirland Road

Dark street

Black and white summer

Dartmouth Park, a neighbourhood near Hampstead Heath

A day off on the Grand Union Canal in Rickmansworth (Zone 7 in Northwest London)

Dead slow - at the Three Mills film studio

Derelict East End

A fashionable baby

Browsing the cheese selection at Broadway Market on a Sunday afternoon in summer

Directions in London's posh Belgravia district

The rejuvenated docklands with the Canary Wharf skyscrapers in the background

Old docklands storehouse

Previously abandoned areas in the Docklands have undergone a huge transformation in the past two decades, becoming rather fashionable and expensive neighbourhoods

Docklands and the City at night


Walking the dog by the River Lee

Dohil Caribbean grocery

Street basketball court with some illegally lounging pigeons

The classic Routemaster doubledecker (not in service since December 2005)

Theater advertisements on a doubledecker's front

Doubledecker driver

Social gathering in Downhills Park (Haringey)

Directions, Covent Garden

Evening in Kensington Church Street

Threshers - a place whose wines are covered by their Wine Buyer's Guarantee, meaning you can get your wine replaced if you don't like it

Walking down Brick Lane

Brick Lane meets Whitechapel Road

Chaos on Brick Lane

The Westway flyover over Edgware Road

Edgware Road (running from Marble Arch), a stylish street full of middle-eastern restaurants and shops

Afternoon on Edgware Road

Charcoal Grills - one of London's myriad Arabic eateries

Edgware Road's Arabic line of shops with the apartments above them

Outside Edgware Road tube station

An ad for an electric car from the early 20th century - the manufacturer was in business only until 1914. (Found in a cafe in Harringay)

The elevated tracks of London Bridge Station, under which a multitude of alleys and rooms are tucked

Ladbroke Grove, the high street of the Notting Hill neighbourhood

Turning Enfield Lock

Enfield Lock is almost on the Northern edge of London

Old street sign in Chamberlayne Road (these have recently been replaced with absolutely bland signs by Brent Council)

Nightfall in Maida Vale

Evening colors on Shirland Road

Ladbroke Grove

York Road during the evening rush hour

Evening in Lambeth

City of London commuters rushing across London Bridge in the evening

City (the financial district of London) commuters on London Bridge

Ticket for the amazing 2012 London Olympics. Many events (like this one) were not held in the Olympic Park, but in venues all around London (and, in fact, the UK)

Behind windows

Fairy tale-like landscape in Hyde Park (next to Victoria Gate) in the winter

The pavilion in the middle of Berkeley Square

The statue of Dr. Alfred Salter, local GP and MP, his daughter, and their cat

Fight The Nothingness. Agreed. (Modern art exhibit on the South Bank)

Finsbury Park

No learner drivers - the traffic rules of Finsbury Park

Kite-flying in Finsbury Park

It got stuck up a tree eventually.

Baker Street, the world's first underground station

A Circle line train leaving Baker Street (originally called the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway)

Fish & Chips, News & Wine - essential London shops.


Les Trois Garcons (The Three Boys), a French restaurant in the East End

Ashley Gardens

Hyde Park

Two gasometers, used for evening out gas pressure when it changes due to a change in demand (e.g. when people get home in the evening and start cooking)

There's a huge gas container in the middle that's attached to the vertical steel girders with wheels, and when the gas pressure increases, the container slides up the girders (out of an underground water tank), increasing its volume, and thus lowering gas pressure


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which also has standing places, just as it did in Shakepeare's time

Cooke's Pie, Mash, Liquor & Eels - old advertisement on Goldhawk Road

Signs from different eras in Wells Road

Signs in Goldhawk Road

The golf course in Queen's Park

The 'It's gonna get worse' guy (that's what the sign hanging from his neck always says) from Speaker's Corner explaining something to an unsympathetic crowd

Tranquil streetscape on a rare snowy day

The Grand Union Canal, part of the channel network crossing London

The stunningly beautiful Grand Union Canal in Northwest London

The 220km-long Grand Union Canal in Perivale, Northwest London

Old graves in Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington

Angel in Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington

Winter in Hyde Park

Autumn in Green Park

Decorated pedestrian subway leading to Green Park

Practice ground for airport firemen (hence the smoke stains), London City Airport

Stores in Green Lanes

Grocery store in Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Burgoyne Road and Green Lanes in Harringay

Old taverns (well, except for Starbucks) and the Cutty Shark clipper ship in maritime Greenwich

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich

Greenwich impressions

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

View from the hill in Greenwich Park at night

Path in Greenwich leading to stunning views over London

The excellent Grenadier pub in a quiet side street in Kensington

Brick Lane, the heart of the Bangladeshi community in London; the area even has Bengali street signs

East London vigilante

The Inconsolables - a great band name, you have to give them that.

The __________ will be prosecuted

Or something

Life in Hampstead Heath

Stargazing by the Highgate (or Hampstead) Ponds in Hampstead Heath

There's some pretty serious angling going on in Hampstead


The definition of happiness

Harmonica band on the Queen's Walk


The New River in Harringay

Fog in Harringay

Oddly pruned trees along Burgoyne Road

On the way to work

Harringay Green Lanes (1.)

Harringay Green Lanes (2.)

The so-called 'Green Lanes' is one of the longest and least green roads in London

Sandwiches * Cakes; little cafe in Harringay Green Lanes station

Spring in Harringay


The New River (an old canal, actually) crisscrossing the hills of North London

Early morning commuters

Harringay Station in fog

Evening in Harringay Green Lanes station

The Clapham Bookshop

Clapham High Street, a typical London neighbourhood main street

A very good Mexican restaurant next to the Socialis Party's local HQ

Clapham High Street

Hand Car Wash

Clapham North at night

The junction of Clapham High Street and Bedford Road

Clapham North tube station

Early Autumn in London

The formal gardens of Holland Park

Summer in Holland Park

454 grams of honey - the joys of the imperial-unit legacy

Horse Guards Parade


A freezing day near the redeveloped warehouses of Butlers Wharf (near Tower Bridge)

Summer in Hyde Park

Pigeon Mother

Hyde Park Corner, where the Rotten Row path begins, crossing the park

Oriental carving in Prince Albert's memorial in Hyde Park

The Serpentine in Hyde Park

The Ranger's Hut in Hyde Park

Akhtar Fabrics ('A treasure trove of haberdashery goods'), Willesden High Road


View of Canary Wharf and riverside Docklands developments

Specialized on the parma ham and many other products

Canary Wharf, Jubilee Underground Line

London Bridge, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Westminster, Jubilee Underground Line

Westminster, Jubilee Underground Line

London Bridge, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Apple juice from a farmer's market

Kebab shop near Old Street

Two rows of houses usually enclose two rows of gardens in residential London

High Street, Kensal Rise

Kensal Rise

Railings & walls

Kensington Gardens (adjacent to Hyde Park)

That's a big swan

Peeling sign advertising Ron(?) in Kilburn

Iron bridge in King's Cross train station.

The roof of King's Cross station.

British trains.

Kite flying in Walthamstow Marshes

Kite and dog

The kite-flier

South Kensington

Ladbroke Grove, the heart of Notting Hill and London's latin quarter

Strangely-windowed terraced houses in Kensal Town

Among the lakes and rivers near Rickmansworth

At the Pierre Garroudi Gallery, under the tracks of London Bridge

Laundramatic - coin op cleaners

In London Learner Driver signs are permanently affixed to basically all delivery bikes

Photoshoot at Alexandra Palace

Leighton Gardens, Brent

The Royal Pictogram Society at work

Lime Grove; food from chicken shops like this is staple fare for many Londoners

Boat home in Little Venice, a popular part of the Regent's Canal

Little Britain, a street in the City (as well as a brilliant TV show)

Short on space (boat in Little Venice)

Directions by the Regent's Canal

Little Venice

A smallish living room (or patio?) in Little Venice

The colours of Finsbury

A walk in Finsbury

The headquarters of the Lloyd's insurance company (designed by Richard Rogers, who had also designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris)

Costcutter, the frugal man's best friend

Walking in London at night often feels like you're in a dream

London Eye (the world's largest observation wheel)

It's a London Thing (the website doesn't seem to work though)

The Borough, a quiet area 15 minutes' walk from Tower Bridge

Watching the world go by in The Foundry in Old Street

Look left - these are very handy for foreigners coming from countries where people drive on the right

What used to be the pub Lord Napier in the ghost town of Hackney Wick

That's love

Low flying aircraft - sign just outside London City Airport, the international airport closest to central London (it's in zone 3)

Having a beer at lunchtime is a pretty common thing in England

Church being converted into luxury flats in Highgate


The Man in Yellow, possibly based on the Matrix's woman in red scene

Borough Market details

Borough Market at night - at lunchtime the dozens of food vendors attract hundreds of people who work nearby

The remnants of Broadway Market

A Mars a day

Maryland, London (ice cubes are a really important commodity in this shop for some reason)

Life around King's Cross Station

Crossing York Way

Millennium Bridge (inaugurated in 2000, although was later closed down for years because of its instability)

Millennium Bridge

Canary Wharf with the Docklands Light Railway

Some parks are what this area really needs (Zone 4, Northolt)

Mozart Street

Table at Nando's - a chain serving really good South African food (despite the fact that the restaurants have a Portuguese theme)

London shop sign designs tend to be quite sophisticated

Mist over the New River near Finsbury Park

Spring along the New River in Harringay

Chamberlayne Road at night

Night in London

London blues

No junk food allowed (Chestnuts Primary School, Haringey)

No pr king

Soho Noir

The Northcote pub in the western part of Clapham - a 'trendy' (think lots of wine bars) area where a traditional pub looks out of place

'You Cannot Be Serious' ale in the Victoria Stakes pub (Muswell Hill)

It's actually a pretty good beer

Graffiti isn't a very common sight in West London - though this corner has its fair share

Old advertisement on Shirland Road

Taylor Walker's The Chippenham in Shirland Road

Old Fiat Cinquecento

Old gas lamp

Cowley Street, where not much changed over the last century

Kid seat on a bike near the Barbican

Posters and an old Carlsberg ad next to London Bridge

Signpost by the Old Ford Lock on the Liver Lea, a few hundred metres from the 2012 Olympic Park (the river itself was cleaned and the towpath improved as part of the preparations for the olympics)

I faceless naked woman London

Free outdoor gym with workout equipment by the University of East London's Docklands campus


Life in Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus's line of shops

Oxford Street from the upper deck of a doubledecker

Doubledecker in Maida Hill, London

Leaving - Paddington Station

A slightly sad scene near the future 2012 Olympic site (taken in 2008; the mural got painted over shortly after)

Bike path sign and imperial architecture in central London

Two relatively unique buildings in Palmerston Road

Unfinished Park Crescent (it was meant to be a circle) next to Regent's Park

Thames Barrier Park, one of the few 'modern' parks in London

Autumn under Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Park

Summer in Finsbury Park

The huge number of parks in London mean they are accessible to virtually everyone

Park life

Finsbury Park is one of the largest parks in North London, and has tennis and streetball courts, a baseball and a softball diamond, an American football field (quite rare in London), a bowling green (for the sport 'bowls'), plus a huge amount of grass to lie on

Parkland Walk, a former railway line converted into a walking and cycling trail near Finsbury Park

Directions, Parliament Square

'Angelo's fine Italian food specialized on the Parma ham and many other products'

Weekend crowds in Camden Town near Camden Lock Market

The remnants of Petticoat Lane Market

Wentworth Street, where Petticoat Lane Market is held

Visual chaos on the corner of Wentworth and Toynbee Sts

The UK's famous red phone booth

Piccadilly Circus with some of the world's most famous (and expensive) advertisements

Piccadilly Circus's Eros statue always attracts crowds

Piccadilly Circus

Pickles in a chip shop at Borough Market

Old pier in old docklands

The Boss

An evening in front of the Sherlock Holmes pub

Playground in a park in Upper Holloway near Archway

The area officially called the Pool of London - some places are still waiting for regeneration

Evening in Portobello Road Market

Is it day or night?

The less-known part of Portobello Road

Portobello Road Market


'Pound Paradise - Luxury house hold goods downstairs'

Battersea Power Station, an iconic building which developers have been trying to convert into various uses for decades

Good food? Bring it in.

Pumps belonging to a houseboat in case water starts gushing in during a party

Some trees just won't let go - the dead of winter in Queen's Park

An important South America vs. Eastern Europe match in Queen's Park

Walking towards Tower Bridge on the Queen's Walk

Queen's Walk

An unlikely merry-go-round in a business district (More London Riverside, December 2007)


Norman Foster-designed City Hall (or the Greater London Authority building, previously called the glass testicle by mayor Ken Livingstone) on the riverfront in Southwark

Old railway bridge in Clapham

Clapham North at night

Garages under the railway tracks in Clapham

Footbridge over Harringay station

The National Rail sign at Clapham High Street Station

Rain, Soho

Rain-soaked rickshaw drivers chatting in Chinatown

Taking five in Chinatown

Colourless Soho

Evening traffic in Soho

Bikes parked in Noel Street

A sign-holder in Regent Street (this isn't a very good job)

Rain is not nearly as common in London as you might think

London in purple


Reflected London

Reflected London II.

Construction near the Olympic park in Stratford

Regent Street

The sweeping architecture of Regent St

The Regent's Canal flowing into the Thames in Limehouse

A secret lake

Junction Road, Archway

Early morning fog in Rutland Gardens, in the 'gardens' half of Harringay

Deer in Richmond Park, the largest park in London

People warily approaching a herd of deer in Richmond Park

Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

Farewell Routemaster was on - it's the movie about the classic doubledecker buses almost completely withdrawn from service in 2005.

Riverboat service on the Thames.


Royal Albert Hall (a popular music venue for classical concerts)


Saxophone-player on the Golden Jubilee Bridge

Scarebear in a Southgate allotment

An old school that has separate gates for boys and girls, strategically located on two different corners of the building

Could have been dreamed up by Philip K. Dick

The external elevators of the Lloyds Building

Bengali street sign in Sclater St (the English-language sign has been removed)

A letter to Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock Holmes museum

A letter from the Inland Revenue to Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes Museum)

Replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship moored in London's Southwark


Dispensing Chemists

Old Shoreditch station

Deep water

Skaters in Bounds Green

Reading in the park

London summer on Hampstead Heath

View from Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park

The Pictogram Society at their best again

Old car parked in front of a Kensal Rise house

The little park next to Chandos Road in Stratford

Small parcels in Southgate Chase Allotments

April snow in Finsbury Park (6th April 2008)

A chilly Spring in Finsbury Park

Snow alien

An enclosed section of Finsbury Park, normally used for baseball

Finsbury Park

The April 2008 skyline of the City as seen from Finsbury Park

Early snow in October 2008

Snow in London, which ranks on the plant hardiness scale (determining how hard it is fow plants to survive the cold months) on the same level with Arizona, is quite rare

Chaotic tree in our backyard

Soho on a rainy day


Soho at night

Soho corner

Garrick Street, Soho

Somerset House in the summer

People enjoying Somerset House's jets of water

Somerset House

Old-fashioned bicycle in the courtyard of magnificent Somerset House

South Bank

Southwark Bridge, towards the City

The colors of the City

Southwark Cathedral's window

Space invaders in London



Relaxing in St James's Park

St John's *

St Paul's Cathedral in the autumn

View from the stone gallery of St Paul's

King Henry VIII's Mound in Richmond Park, from where St Paul's Cathedral can be seen 10 miles away

Richmond Park's trees were felled in a row to provide the view all the way to St Paul's Cathedral

St Saviour's Dock, with old warehouses converted into flats

Bus stand

Dal�'s surreally legged elephant outside the Dalí Universe on the South Bank

British pub food - rump steak with chips, fried onions, mushrooms and tomatoes

Still life by the Lisson Grove houseboats on Regent's Canal

The Royal Stock Exchange at the Bank intersection

Intersection in Soho.

Kilburn Park Road, Kilburn

Canary Wharf DLR station

Lower Belgrave Street


On sale here

View from Crouch Hill towards Arsenal's stadium and the City of London

Leighton Gardens

Summer in Harringay


A day off in Alexandra Park

Evening view from Greenwich with St Paul's and the Swiss Re tower in the background

4pm, Southwark

Superfry Fish & Chips on Bedford Road

Tandoori Chicken

Mural on the riverside wall of Tate Modern

'Temporary sign'

Brazilian dance

Victorian terraces

The Thames

The Thames Barrier, protecting London from floods

Sunset over the Thames

The Thames and examples of London's high-rise architecture

The Thames at low tide at Isleworth

The Driftwood Cafe at Trinity Buoy Wharf

The 80s today in Toynbee St (off Commercial Street)

Road to nowhere

Tooley Street (Bermondsey) in winter

The Tower & the City of London

Tower Bridge, as seen from the riverboat service from Westminster to Greenwich

On a field trip on Tower Bridge, overlooking the cruiser HMS Belfast, the City of London and Lambeth

Life in and around Trafalgar Square

Tree swing off the Grand Union Canal

The Auld Triangle pub

The pub, situated near the team's stadium, is popular with Arsenal fans after Premier League games

London pubs are famous for their unusual names - the Auld Triangle is a pretty good example

Truscott Arms

Clapham North Tube Station

Street under London Bridge station

Just before closing time in L'Angolo English & Italian deli

The famous tube symbol


Public toilet in Westminster tube station

Arsenal station is situated in a surprisingly quiet street as opposed to the regular 'high street' location of most tube stations

Er... (OK, the reason is that they wanted to start building the foundation before the house got completely demolished)

Commuters waiting at Vauxhall Station

London in gray

Alexandra Park

View from Alexandra Palace, situated on a hill in North London

Alexandra Park

View to the south

Muswell Hill and Crouch End with Canary Wharf in the distance

North and East London

Sunset over Crouch End and Canary Wharf

The corner of Voltaire Road and Clapham High Street

This dog was promised a game of Where's Waldo, but he's finding it really hard to hide in this snow-covered landscape.

Walthamstow Marshes, while also bordered by several industrial areas, are a very nice getaway in Hackney

Disused storehouses

The junction in front of Waterloo Station

Waterloo Noir

One of London's most beautiful brick structures: the church in Weighhouse Street

The triumphal arch of Wellington, defeater of Napoleon at Waterloo

The skyscrapers of Canary Wharf on a Saturday evening as seen from the footbridge spanning West India Dock

Westminster Abbey

The Byzantine style Catholic Westminster Cathedral

Fairtytale-like Albert Bridge in Chelsea


Winter park

Bare trees in Woodside Park

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