London: Curiosities

London: Curiosities pictures. From the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic chain of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter centered around Ladbroke Grove, from the old docks of world trade to the multitude of languages you can hear in the street, London is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery will show you many of the well-known places, and also 'hidden' spots that all add to the incredible atmosphere of this striking metropolis.

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Under the bridge - second-hand 'bookshop' below Waterloo Bridge, next to the Thames

Bowls (a variant of bowling) is played with asymmetrical balls (here by City workers after office hours)


Chinese sign by Westminster Council

No entry in Chinatown

A cash machine in East London (Walthamstow) speaking Cockney rhyming slang (Charlie Sheen = screen; sausage and mash = cash; rattle and tank = bank)

Cockney cash machine after selecting the fast sausage and mash (fast cash) option. Speckled hen = ten, Horn of plenty = twenty, etc.

Derelict East End

Chaos on Brick Lane

The elevated tracks of London Bridge Station, under which a multitude of alleys and rooms are tucked

The statue of Dr. Alfred Salter, local GP and MP, his daughter, and their cat

Baker Street, the world's first underground station

A Circle line train leaving Baker Street (originally called the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway)

Two gasometers, used for evening out gas pressure when it changes due to a change in demand (e.g. when people get home in the evening and start cooking)

Cooke's Pie, Mash, Liquor & Eels - old advertisement on Goldhawk Road

The 'It's gonna get worse' guy (that's what the sign hanging from his neck always says) from Speaker's Corner explaining something to an unsympathetic crowd

Brick Lane, the heart of the Bangladeshi community in London; the area even has Bengali street signs

East London vigilante

The Inconsolables - a great band name, you have to give them that.

A freezing day near the redeveloped warehouses of Butlers Wharf (near Tower Bridge)

Canary Wharf, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Short on space (boat in Little Venice)

A smallish living room (or patio?) in Little Venice

The headquarters of the Lloyd's insurance company (designed by Richard Rogers, who had also designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris)

Millennium Bridge (inaugurated in 2000, although was later closed down for years because of its instability)

'You Cannot Be Serious' ale in the Victoria Stakes pub (Muswell Hill)

I faceless naked woman London

A slightly sad scene near the future 2012 Olympic site (taken in 2008; the mural got painted over shortly after)

The area officially called the Pool of London - some places are still waiting for regeneration

Scarebear in a Southgate allotment

A letter to Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock Holmes museum

A letter from the Inland Revenue to Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes Museum)

Space invaders in London

King Henry VIII's Mound in Richmond Park, from where St Paul's Cathedral can be seen 10 miles away

Dal�'s surreally legged elephant outside the Dalí Universe on the South Bank

Mural on the riverside wall of Tate Modern

The Thames Barrier, protecting London from floods

The 80s today in Toynbee St (off Commercial Street)

Road to nowhere

Er... (OK, the reason is that they wanted to start building the foundation before the house got completely demolished)

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