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London: Essential London pictures. From the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic chain of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter centered around Ladbroke Grove, from the old docks of world trade to the multitude of languages you can hear in the street, London is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery will show you many of the well-known places, and also 'hidden' spots that all add to the incredible atmosphere of this striking metropolis.

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View over Greenwich

Multi-cultural Camden Lock Market is centered around atmospheric Regent's Canal

Towpath Cafe on Regent's Canal in Hackney (next to the De Beauvoir Road bridge)

Canary Wharf geometry

Post- & modern

Norman Foster's unique Canary Wharf tube station

Night falls on London

Typical London homes with little gardens at the back

The entrance of Chinatown in SoHo, London's nightlife district

Chinese shops in Gerrard Street

Chinese New Year, Chinatown

London's colors

The Piazza (the square surrounding Covent Garden Market)

Towpath Cafe overlooking Regent's Canal

Dark street

The rejuvenated docklands with the Canary Wharf skyscrapers in the background

Previously abandoned areas in the Docklands have undergone a huge transformation in the past two decades, becoming rather fashionable and expensive neighbourhoods

The classic Routemaster doubledecker (not in service since December 2005)

Directions, Covent Garden

Chaos on Brick Lane

Nightfall in Maida Vale

Finsbury Park

Baker Street, the world's first underground station

A Circle line train leaving Baker Street (originally called the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway)

Two gasometers, used for evening out gas pressure when it changes due to a change in demand (e.g. when people get home in the evening and start cooking)

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which also has standing places, just as it did in Shakepeare's time

The 'It's gonna get worse' guy (that's what the sign hanging from his neck always says) from Speaker's Corner explaining something to an unsympathetic crowd

Tranquil streetscape on a rare snowy day

The Grand Union Canal, part of the channel network crossing London

The 220km-long Grand Union Canal in Perivale, Northwest London

Autumn in Green Park

Burgoyne Road and Green Lanes in Harringay

Greenwich impressions

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

View from the hill in Greenwich Park at night

Brick Lane, the heart of the Bangladeshi community in London; the area even has Bengali street signs

Life in Hampstead Heath

Stargazing by the Highgate (or Hampstead) Ponds in Hampstead Heath

The New River in Harringay

Early morning commuters

Horse Guards Parade

A freezing day near the redeveloped warehouses of Butlers Wharf (near Tower Bridge)

Summer in Hyde Park

Canary Wharf, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Southwark, Jubilee Underground Line

Two rows of houses usually enclose two rows of gardens in residential London

Short on space (boat in Little Venice)

A smallish living room (or patio?) in Little Venice

The headquarters of the Lloyd's insurance company (designed by Richard Rogers, who had also designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris)

The Borough, a quiet area 15 minutes' walk from Tower Bridge

Having a beer at lunchtime is a pretty common thing in England

Millennium Bridge (inaugurated in 2000, although was later closed down for years because of its instability)

The Northcote pub in the western part of Clapham - a 'trendy' (think lots of wine bars) area where a traditional pub looks out of place

It's actually a pretty good beer

Cowley Street, where not much changed over the last century

Life in Oxford Circus

Oxford Street from the upper deck of a doubledecker

Doubledecker in Maida Hill, London

Alexandra Park

The huge number of parks in London mean they are accessible to virtually everyone

Directions, Parliament Square

The UK's famous red phone booth

Piccadilly Circus with some of the world's most famous (and expensive) advertisements

Piccadilly Circus's Eros statue always attracts crowds

Piccadilly Circus

Evening in Portobello Road Market

Some trees just won't let go - the dead of winter in Queen's Park

Rain, Soho

Evening traffic in Soho

Bikes parked in Noel Street

The sweeping architecture of Regent St

Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

Riverboat service on the Thames.

Could have been dreamed up by Philip K. Dick

Bengali street sign in Sclater St (the English-language sign has been removed)

Alexandra Park

The April 2008 skyline of the City as seen from Finsbury Park

Snow in London, which ranks on the plant hardiness scale (determining how hard it is fow plants to survive the cold months) on the same level with Arizona, is quite rare

Soho on a rainy day

Soho at night

Somerset House in the summer

People enjoying Somerset House's jets of water

South Bank

St Paul's Cathedral in the autumn

British pub food - rump steak with chips, fried onions, mushrooms and tomatoes


Mural on the riverside wall of Tate Modern

Victorian terraces

The Thames

Sunset over the Thames

The Thames and examples of London's high-rise architecture

The 80s today in Toynbee St (off Commercial Street)

The Tower & the City of London

Tower Bridge, as seen from the riverboat service from Westminster to Greenwich

On a field trip on Tower Bridge, overlooking the cruiser HMS Belfast, the City of London and Lambeth

The pub, situated near the team's stadium, is popular with Arsenal fans after Premier League games

London pubs are famous for their unusual names - the Auld Triangle is a pretty good example

Clapham North Tube Station

The famous tube symbol


London in gray

Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park

View to the south

North and East London

Sunset over Crouch End and Canary Wharf

The skyscrapers of Canary Wharf on a Saturday evening as seen from the footbridge spanning West India Dock

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