London: Nature

London: Nature pictures. From the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic chain of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter centered around Ladbroke Grove, from the old docks of world trade to the multitude of languages you can hear in the street, London is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery will show you many of the well-known places, and also 'hidden' spots that all add to the incredible atmosphere of this striking metropolis.

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View over Greenwich

Hundred-year-old trees in Berkeley Square, in London's luxurious Mayfair district

Jewish family in Walthamstow Marshes near the Hasidic Jewish neighbourhoods Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton

Finsbury Park

Kite-flying in Finsbury Park

There's a huge gas container in the middle that's attached to the vertical steel girders with wheels, and when the gas pressure increases, the container slides up the girders (out of an underground water tank), increasing its volume, and thus lowering gas pressure

The golf course in Queen's Park

The Grand Union Canal, part of the channel network crossing London

The 220km-long Grand Union Canal in Perivale, Northwest London

Autumn in Green Park

Decorated pedestrian subway leading to Green Park

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

Life in Hampstead Heath

Stargazing by the Highgate (or Hampstead) Ponds in Hampstead Heath

There's some pretty serious angling going on in Hampstead

Two rows of houses usually enclose two rows of gardens in residential London

Laundramatic - coin op cleaners

Mist over the New River near Finsbury Park

Spring along the New River in Harringay

Summer in Finsbury Park

The huge number of parks in London mean they are accessible to virtually everyone

Park life

Finsbury Park is one of the largest parks in North London, and has tennis and streetball courts, a baseball and a softball diamond, an American football field (quite rare in London), a bowling green (for the sport 'bowls'), plus a huge amount of grass to lie on

Playground in a park in Upper Holloway near Archway

Some trees just won't let go - the dead of winter in Queen's Park

An important South America vs. Eastern Europe match in Queen's Park

A secret lake

Deer in Richmond Park, the largest park in London

People warily approaching a herd of deer in Richmond Park

View from Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park

The little park next to Chandos Road in Stratford

Small parcels in Southgate Chase Allotments

Relaxing in St James's Park

A day off in Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park

View from Alexandra Palace, situated on a hill in North London

Alexandra Park

View to the south

Muswell Hill and Crouch End with Canary Wharf in the distance

North and East London

Sunset over Crouch End and Canary Wharf

Walthamstow Marshes, while also bordered by several industrial areas, are a very nice getaway in Hackney

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