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London: People pictures. From the grand Victorian architecture to the small Arabic chain of restaurants on Edgware Road, from Chinatown to the latin quarter centered around Ladbroke Grove, from the old docks of world trade to the multitude of languages you can hear in the street, London is a stunning mix of cultures from all over the world. This gallery will show you many of the well-known places, and also 'hidden' spots that all add to the incredible atmosphere of this striking metropolis.

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View over Greenwich

Multi-cultural Camden Lock Market is centered around atmospheric Regent's Canal

Summer by the Regent's Canal near Camden

'Having your spirits lifted can make it a good day' (apparently)

Under the bridge - second-hand 'bookshop' below Waterloo Bridge, next to the Thames

Renting Boris Bikes (named after Boris Johnson who was London's mayor when the bikes were installed)

Bowls (a variant of bowling) is played with asymmetrical balls (here by City workers after office hours)

Cycling along the Regent's Canal

Towpath Cafe on Regent's Canal in Hackney (next to the De Beauvoir Road bridge)

Jewish family in Walthamstow Marshes near the Hasidic Jewish neighbourhoods Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton



People in Covent Garden

The Piazza (the square surrounding Covent Garden Market)

Towpath Cafe overlooking Regent's Canal

Browsing the cheese selection at Broadway Market on a Sunday afternoon in summer

Walking the dog by the River Lee

Dohil Caribbean grocery

The classic Routemaster doubledecker (not in service since December 2005)

Social gathering in Downhills Park (Haringey)

Turning Enfield Lock

Enfield Lock is almost on the Northern edge of London

York Road during the evening rush hour

Evening in Lambeth

City of London commuters rushing across London Bridge in the evening

City (the financial district of London) commuters on London Bridge

The statue of Dr. Alfred Salter, local GP and MP, his daughter, and their cat

Finsbury Park

Kite-flying in Finsbury Park

It got stuck up a tree eventually.

Les Trois Garcons (The Three Boys), a French restaurant in the East End

Signs in Goldhawk Road

The 'It's gonna get worse' guy (that's what the sign hanging from his neck always says) from Speaker's Corner explaining something to an unsympathetic crowd

The Grand Union Canal, part of the channel network crossing London

Stores in Green Lanes

Grocery store in Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Burgoyne Road and Green Lanes in Harringay

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

The excellent Grenadier pub in a quiet side street in Kensington

Life in Hampstead Heath

Stargazing by the Highgate (or Hampstead) Ponds in Hampstead Heath

There's some pretty serious angling going on in Hampstead

Harmonica band on the Queen's Walk


On the way to work

Harringay Green Lanes (1.)

Harringay Green Lanes (2.)


Early morning commuters

Harringay Station in fog

Early Autumn in London

Kensington Gardens (adjacent to Hyde Park)

The kite-flier

Laundramatic - coin op cleaners

A walk in Finsbury

It's a London Thing (the website doesn't seem to work though)

The Borough, a quiet area 15 minutes' walk from Tower Bridge

The Man in Yellow, possibly based on the Matrix's woman in red scene

The remnants of Broadway Market

Maryland, London (ice cubes are a really important commodity in this shop for some reason)

Life around King's Cross Station

Crossing York Way

Some parks are what this area really needs (Zone 4, Northolt)

The Northcote pub in the western part of Clapham - a 'trendy' (think lots of wine bars) area where a traditional pub looks out of place

Free outdoor gym with workout equipment by the University of East London's Docklands campus

Life in Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus's line of shops

Doubledecker in Maida Hill, London

Two relatively unique buildings in Palmerston Road

Autumn under Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Park

Summer in Finsbury Park

The huge number of parks in London mean they are accessible to virtually everyone

Finsbury Park is one of the largest parks in North London, and has tennis and streetball courts, a baseball and a softball diamond, an American football field (quite rare in London), a bowling green (for the sport 'bowls'), plus a huge amount of grass to lie on

Weekend crowds in Camden Town near Camden Lock Market

Piccadilly Circus's Eros statue always attracts crowds

Playground in a park in Upper Holloway near Archway

Evening in Portobello Road Market

Is it day or night?

Footbridge over Harringay station

Rain, Soho

Rain-soaked rickshaw drivers chatting in Chinatown

Taking five in Chinatown

Colourless Soho

Evening traffic in Soho

Bikes parked in Noel Street

A sign-holder in Regent Street (this isn't a very good job)

Rain is not nearly as common in London as you might think


Saxophone-player on the Golden Jubilee Bridge

Could have been dreamed up by Philip K. Dick

The external elevators of the Lloyds Building

Dispensing Chemists

Skaters in Bounds Green

April snow in Finsbury Park (6th April 2008)

An enclosed section of Finsbury Park, normally used for baseball

Finsbury Park

The April 2008 skyline of the City as seen from Finsbury Park

Soho at night

Garrick Street, Soho

Somerset House in the summer

People enjoying Somerset House's jets of water

Somerset House

Southwark Bridge, towards the City

The colors of the City

St Saviour's Dock, with old warehouses converted into flats

Summer in Harringay

Brazilian dance

Life in and around Trafalgar Square

The pub, situated near the team's stadium, is popular with Arsenal fans after Premier League games


Er... (OK, the reason is that they wanted to start building the foundation before the house got completely demolished)

This dog was promised a game of Where's Waldo, but he's finding it really hard to hide in this snow-covered landscape.

Walthamstow Marshes, while also bordered by several industrial areas, are a very nice getaway in Hackney

Winter park

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