Medway pictures. Medway is a conurbation of several cities (Rochester, Strood, Gillingham, Chatham, etc.) by the river Medway's estuary, near the estuary of the river Thames.

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The White Horse in a scenic hilltop location just as you enter the Medway conurbation

A local in Rochester

Park on a hilltop in Rochester with great views over the surrounding towns

Arriving home

Dog hierarchy

Old age

Chatham Maritime


Pub by Chatham Marina

Redevelopment on St Mary's Island, a site formerly containing warehouses, for example

A bit of the Mediterranean in Kent

Old boat in Chatham Maritime

The redevelopment of St Mary's Island

The framework of a shipyard machine shop (formerly located in Woolwhich in London)

A park by buildings belonging to the University of Rochester

A hilltop park

View towards Chatham's Marina

Chatham Marina

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