Morecambe pictures. Morecambe, a seaside resort town in Lancashire, northern England, has been particularly hard hit by the spread of cheap flights to sunnier seaside destinations in the past decades � much unlike its more fortunate sisters (Brighton, Southend, etc.), it's full of closed businesses and rundown buildings. These pictures depict it as it was in early 2009.

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Morecambe beach

Pipes added to the exterior of the building to carry water (and possibly sewage?) from bathrooms

A gentlemen's barbershop

'High Class Shoe Repairs'

Sunset Ices

Morecambe Promenade

Morecambe, a once thriving resort town, is only a shadow of its former self (these pictures were taken in 2009)

Houses overlooking the Irish Sea

Behind the (faded but) pretty seaside architecture

Closed down

The backstreets of Morecambe

Rundown housing

Sunset View Hotel

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