North Downs Way

North Downs Way pictures. A long-distance footpath in the North Downs (a series of limestone hills), south of London.

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The turquoise waters of England

The white cliffs of Dover (this is a few miles from the town of Dover)

Dog poop bin

Looking across the English Channel

Fence near the top of Shakespeare's Cliff

Fishing on Samphire Hoe - reclaimed land made from the soil removed during the construction of the Channel Tunnel

Looking towards Folkestone

English hikers

Information sign containing information, among others, on when high tides are, when dusk sets in, and a warning about adders (venomous snakes) active in the grass

Under the cliffs of Dover

Along the North Downs Way, a 250km long-distance path in Southern England

A hot September day on Shakespeare Cliff

Samphire Hoe Country Park (Wikipedia says 'A country park is an area designated for people to visit and enjoy recreation in a countryside environment.') - way too much concrete, to be honest

International trade has sadly marred the natural beauty of Dover

Shingle beach next to Samphire Hoe Country Park

Tropic sunset near Folkestone

Houses scattered on top of the white cliffs of Dover

North Down Ways and Saxon Shore Way trail signs pointing towards Dover

On top of Shakespeare Cliff - the place supposedly inspired a scene in King Lear ('How fearful / And dizzy 'tis, to cast one's eyes so low!')

Sandy beach

For the geographically challenged

A day out

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