Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters pictures. Seven Sisters are a group of chalk cliffs on the English Channel near Eastbourne. These pictures were taken from these hills and also from the area surrounding the estuary of the River Cuckmere.

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The English Channel

Tree permanently deformed by the strong winds

The tangled branches of the deformed tree

Cross and flowers on top of Beachy Head cliff, the most popular place to commit suicide in England

Cuckmere Haven, the estuary of the River Cuckmere. This is where the Seven Sisters cliffs begin

Before storm

Giant ships crossing the English Channel

View across the English Channel from Beachy Head


The steep climb to Beachy Head

Sheep fence at the foot of the Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters Country Park

A great location for rugby and football pitches

The colours of the sea

By the sea

10 degrees Celsius

Birling Gap

The Seven Sisters cliffs as seen from the top of the first peak, Haven Brow


Hikers running towards the Haven Brow peak of the Seven Sisters

Sheep fence near Haven Brow overlooking the Cuckmere Haven

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