Shrewsbury pictures. Photos from the old town of Shrewsbury, a hilly area enclosed by a loop in the River Severn.

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Medieval Fish Street

Textures from the intersection of Fish Street and Butcher Row

Details from the street called Town Walls


Georgian door and window

Georgian building with portico

The old town of Shrewsbury

Nightlife around the train station

The Quarry is a large park by the River Severn

An eccentric tree

The Quarry park and Kingsland Bridge - the toll bridge was built in the 19th century and it costs 10p for a car to cross it (at least in 2007)

Town Walls

St John's Hill

Everyday life

The old town's character has been preserved very well, but there are a tad too many shops

The red brick buildings lining Belmont

View over downtown from a hill across the river

The River Severn, The Quarry park, Kingsland Bridge and downtown Shrewsbury

A house some windows bricked-up to avoid paying window-tax, a 17th and 18th century tax which was proportionate to the grandeur of one's property, measured by the number of windows

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