Southend-on-Sea pictures. Southend is a small seaside town by the Thames estuary, about 60km East of London, home to the world's longest pier - the 2km long Southend Pier.

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At the end of Southend Pier, 2km from the shore


2km long Southend Pier

Landscape, Thames Estuary

A great cycle lane along Southend's waterfront

Southend Pier is the longest pier in the world

Will be usable again in about 6-10 hours

Towards the sea

Only 354 shopping days to Christmas - small shop on Southend Pier

Amusement park at the end of the pier

A train connects the two ends of the pier (it has two stops)


Bell at the end of the pier

Summer relaxation spot #1

CAUTION ROCKS, says the sign on the right


Near sunset suddenly a million birds appear to feed

View from the hill that runs along the seaside

1/4 mile to the shore

The structure that holds the pier


Sunset With Distant Boat

Up the Thames

Beach huts on the Southent waterfront

The pier

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