White Cliffs Country

White Cliffs Country pictures. The region around the famous white chalk cliffs of Dover is called the White Cliffs Country, and a footpath (part of the White Cliffs Country Trail and the Saxon Shore Way) runs along the shore through valleys and on top of the enormous cliffs, through seaside towns and small villages. You can find more images of this region in the North Downs Way gallery.

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On top of the 100m high cliffs of Dover

The massive cliffs are visible from France on a clear day as a long white strip

Country for Old Men

Beach huts and boats along Kingsdown beach

Shingle beach just outside the village of Kingsdown

In Britain, where most land is owned privately, public is normally allowed to walk along designated Rights of Way - Access Land means that a part of private land is freely accessible

Cycling home

SeaFrance ferry crossing the English Channel from Calais to Dover

Cliff path

Path leading to a hobbit hole

The Saxon Shore Way leading down from the chalk cliffs to Kingsdown

English countryside

The Kingsdown beach huts

Approved by Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks

The Bay area in the village of St Margaret's at Cliffe


View from Kingsdown

Along the Saxon Shore Way

View over Kingsdown and Deal (with 300m-long Deal pier on the right)

White Cliffs Country

'Possible dangers surrounding boat winching operations'

Bushes permanently deformed by the prevailing winds

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