Helsinki pictures. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a laid-back Northern city on the Baltic Sea, relatively small (with a population of 500,000) compared to most European capitals. Some of these photos show you a day of the city battling with incredibly thick snowfall and -15 degrees Celsius. One might think this weather would be no surprise for a Scandinavian city, but apparently it caught the city's transport company completely unprepared, leading to a complete breakdown of the tram network due to the freezing of the switches. The rest of the pictures show the complete opposite: the Scandinavian capital embracing beautiful summer days with people lying and chatting in parks and doing all sorts of outdoors activities.

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Blonde Finns in the park with their bicycles

An unusually hot day




People at the Helsinki Festival

Kaivopuisto Park, Helsinki

Street art: clotheslines with colorful clothes in downtown Helsinki

Brave - or, rather, unfortunate - cyclists were battling with the severe weather


Open air cafe

Main station

An unlikely procession at the Helsinki Festival

Music of dubious quality at the Helsinki Festival


Seaside boxing

Kaivopuisto Park

Klop or Kubb, a game where wooden blocks must be knocked over by throwing other wooden blocks at them

A fairly unique-looking building (perhaps Art Nouveau?)

Helsinki harbor

Helsinki Harbor


A Finnish theatre showing Dostoevsky's The Idiot


One of Helsinki's marinas

Mom (beside the playground)


A well-deserved nap

These guys aren't sure why they're here

Picnic utopia - car wrecks and old computers covered by moss

Fleeing inside

In the Rock Church (Temppeliaukio Kirkko)


Helsinki Harbor

Even the snow-white Cathedral looked gray

Sofiankatu and its atmospheric lamps and old-fashioned phone booth


The stairs leading up to Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Central

Helsinki residential

Many residential streets were nearly devoid of all life


A summer chat

The Finnish language is complex and related to few others (it's not related to the rest of the Scandinavian languages like Swedish)

Homeward bound


Adding a few Greek-style columns doesn't give a building character

Red skirt

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