Étretat pictures. Étretat is a small town in Normandy on the La Manche (the French name for the English Channel) surrounded by beutiful rock cliffs.

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The vertical alabaster cliffs of Étretat

The seaside promenade

It was a rather wet experience

The colours of a stormy day

Falaise d'Aval, a natural arch just outside Étretat

The town of Étretat

Somewhat misplaced thatched huts on the seafront

Spring weather in Normandy

The white statue is a monument to The White Bird (L'Oiseau Blanc), the plane with which two Frenchmen tried to cross the atlantic in the 1920s - this was the last place they were spotted in France before completely disappearing

French seaside

Falaise d'Aval and a flying French flag

Hiking trail near Étretat

Natural arch

Waves battering the Normandy coast

View over Étretat

The old houses of Étretat

The weather looks a lot nicer in the picture than it actually was - the sun shone, then it rained, then it hailed, then this loop began again

The sea is boiling

The 'beach' of Étretat

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