Berlin pictures. These pictures display Berlin, the German capital - the city is constantly changing, aving been full of construction sites for many years, and it's still has a long way to go, although new structures are often out-of-place, not matching the surroundings at all. The two best of the new instalments are the Reichstag's glass dome (where you can go up for free), and the reconstructed Potsdamer Platz with a huge propeller-like structure hanging over it.
One interesting thing that also shows the rapid change is that only one and a half decades after the 1990 unification of the city's East and West halves, barely a few pieces of the Berlin Wall remain exhibited in public (one is next to Potsdamer Platz's U-bahn station).

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One of the few remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall exhibited in public, (next to Potsdamer Platz) - this was the wall's western side

Classicist building in modern Berlin.

Potsdamer Platz with its huge propellerblade-roof.

Potsdamer Platz's blades.


Berlin in construction.



Berlin's Potsdamer Platz at night.


The glass dome of the German parliament, the Reichstag.

The mirrors of the Reichstag dome.


Rose garden, Alexanderplatz

Don't walk.

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