Munich pictures. Munich (München), the home of Bavarian beer and the associated beer gardens, a town quite successfully trying to retain its relaxed atmosphere, is one of Germany's most popular destinations.

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Munich was heavily damaged in the second world war, and now most of the city consists of faceless modern buildings aligned in a grid layout

Englischer Garten, a large English-style park on an island on the Isar river

Kid, Englischer Garten

Traditional Bavarian hats during Oktoberfest

The Isar river from the power plant

Old pressure gauge.

A map of the local rivers


Garden office

Oktoberfest - each appearance the Sun made was greeted with loud cheers from the crowd


View from the top of the hill in Olympiapark, the transformed former site of the Munich olympics

Munich and the Alps

A typical Munich suburb

Beer bottle cap fountain in Munich.



A crashed T-Com phone in an underpass


Old couple on top of the hill in Olympiapark

Vintage BMW - car designers had a lot more imagination in those days

BMW wheel

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