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Budapest: Essential Budapest pictures. Budapest is one of the greatest capital cities of the world with a wonderful setting along the two banks of the Danube, a bewildering eclectic architectural heritage and a stunning atmosphere. While not all is rosy in the bustling capital of Hungary (there are tons of neglected and crumbling 100-year-old buildings), Budapest is full of architectural gems (for example iconic Heroes' Square and the Chain Bridge), atmospheric streets, has several pleasant parks and islands, and of course the majestically flowing river Danube, which cuts the city into two parts: Pest and Buda. Pest is completely flat (this includes downtown Budapest), while Buda is a hilly area, and includes two of the most popular vantage points of the city: Castle Hill and Gellért Hill (among these photos you'll find several views from these places).

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Budapest is the clash of many architectural styles.

Belgrád rakpart (Belgrade Embankment) and a slice of downtown Budapest.

Panoramic view of a small section of Budapest.

Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, and the funicular taking people up to the castle between the two.

The house with the bend in the wall, in Anna utca (in the heart of the Castle District).

Fishermen's Bastion, a structure much more elaborate than useful.

Fishermen's Bastion (Halászbástya) beautifully illuminated at night.

Tranquil night in the castle district

Steps leading to Buda Castle in Budapest.

An ideal place for reading

View over Buda from Gellért Hill


Chain Bridge (Lánchíd), one of the most characteristic icons of Budapest.

The Chain Bridge was built around 1848 and rebuilt after WWII.

The Chain Bridge in a snowstorm.

Lánchíd in winter.

Reflections on the majestic Danube.

Afternoon gossip.

View of the Castle Hill funicular, the roundabout of Adam Clark Square, the Chain Bridge, and the Basilica in the background.

Corvin Square, a peaceful spot just below Castle Hill.

Couple of Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

Typical Budapest architecture lining the bank of the Danube.

The Danube bank at night - the majority of the houses here are occupied by offices, hence the dark windows.


The Margitsziget (Margaret Island) at dawn is home almost only to joggers

On Árpád Bridge at 6am

Promenade on Margitsziget (Margaret Island)

Courtyard of a Józsefváros tenement built in 1885.

A crumbling neighbourhood in Bródy Sándor utca

Király utca with an old trolley bus and foreign restaurants (if you can call KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants)

Crumbling tenement just one street away from the most prestigious avenue of the city

Aerial view of downtown Budapest.

Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet-híd), one of the most elegant bridges spanning the Danube in Budapest

Elizabeth Bridge

Along the Danube embankment cycle path in downtown Budapest

Danube bank

Many crumbling old buildings (untouched on the outside for decades) are beautifully restored on the inside

Late night in downtown Budapest

Neatly restored eclectic (the dominant architectural style of Budapest) facades in the Józsefváros ('Joseph City') district.

The yearly flooding of the Danube completely covering the lower embankment in 2006 (some trees can be seen sticking out of the water on the other side)

Hundred-year-old buildings and underground station on Andrássy út

Night on Andrássy

The Chain Bridge in heavy snowfall.

Budapest's enormous Parliament dominates this part of the Danube bank.

Frici Papa Kifőzdéje, a cheap old-style eatery in downtown Budapest (more precisely Király utca), frequented by locals.

The old gate of historic Gozsdu udvar ('courtyard')

Art Nouveau decoration of Gresham Palace.

Buildings cut in half in Józsefváros with an interesting arrangement of windows on the white wall

Danube riverside

Equestrian statue with Archangel Gabriel's column above it; part of the Millennium Monument.

Heroes' Square is most often frequented by rollerbladers besides the tourists.

Vörösmarty u. underground station


Izabella utca at night

Trolley bus and its myriad wires in Izabella utca

József körút (Joseph ring road) crossing Józsefváros, a notoriously poor, but constantly developing district of the city

King Street (Király utca)

The view from Kissvábhegy mountain

Lazy Sunday afternoon in the Buda Castle.

Liberty Bridge, the third of the 3 'classic' bridges (Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and Liberty Bridge).

Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) with a tram swooshing past.

Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) and Belgrád Embankment (Belgrád rakpart)

Firemen saving someone trying to commit suicide.

The live-saving Fire Brigade with the Castle in the background.

Sign and subway for the 100-year-old Millennium Underground (Millenniumi Kisföldalatti).

Lonely bird.

The Buda side from Margaret Bridge

Margitsziget (an island on the Danube) is the largest park in Budapest.

Early morning joggers

Nádor utca

The Danube, the Chain Bridge, the houses of Parliament and the northern parts of the city

Typical tranquil Budapest streetscape at night.


Downtown balcony

Hungary's Parliament and the surrounding houses at about 4am.

The enormous Parliament house looks much better from far away

Pekáry-ház, a gothic/romantic building in Király utca

The storm's passed

A park on Rózsadomb, an affluent neighbourhood of Buda


On the scenic 19 tram, running along the riverfront in Buda

Budapest tram speeding past

Belgrade Embankment, the Road of Free Press (Szabad sajtó útja), the crumbling Klotild Palaces and Ferenciek tere

St Stephen's Cathedral (Szent István Bazilika)

Szimpla Kert, one of the so called 'Ruin Pubs' (mostly located in the courtyards of rundown tenements)

An old tenement building on the inside


The number 2 tram running along the river on the Pest side, offering great views of the Buda hills

Lánchíd and the embankment

View over Budapest from a vantage point on Gellérthegy.

Trams in Batthyány Square (Batthyány tér)

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