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Budapest: People pictures. Budapest is one of the greatest capital cities of the world with a wonderful setting along the two banks of the Danube, a bewildering eclectic architectural heritage and a stunning atmosphere. While not all is rosy in the bustling capital of Hungary (there are tons of neglected and crumbling 100-year-old buildings), Budapest is full of architectural gems (for example iconic Heroes' Square and the Chain Bridge), atmospheric streets, has several pleasant parks and islands, and of course the majestically flowing river Danube, which cuts the city into two parts: Pest and Buda. Pest is completely flat (this includes downtown Budapest), while Buda is a hilly area, and includes two of the most popular vantage points of the city: Castle Hill and Gellért Hill (among these photos you'll find several views from these places).

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Canoening on a smaller branch of the Danube in southern Budapest

Canoeing on the Danube

An ideal place for reading

Chess in City Park

Spring on the steps leading to the Hungarian National Museum

Couple of Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

Cycling along the Danube

The Margitsziget (Margaret Island) at dawn is home almost only to joggers

A pleasant little square on Bartók Béla street; a popular hangout with students from nearby Budapest University of Technogy and Economics

Dog twins

Walking the dog in the city

Drawing the city on the Danube bank

Danube bank

By the 'Bottomless Lake' (Feneketlen-tó - it is quite deep, but 'bottomless' is a bit of a stretch)

Kids running around the fountain in Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) whose jets switch off one by one if someone goes too close


Danube riverside

Heat, Liberty Square

Icecream Man


Keleti station with a nonsensical advertisement of the Hungarian national railways claiming 'Farewell can be longer'


Visual chaos on the Körút (Ring Road), one of the main arteries of the city

Low water on the Danube - the southern tip of Margaret Island (Margitsziget) is normally under water

March 15. square, overlooking the Danube and Gellért hill

Enjoying the sun in March 15 Square on the riverside

Margitsziget (an island on the Danube) is the largest park in Budapest.

A family on Margaret Bridge (Margithíd)

Time off

Sunday afternoon on the Danube bank

Protestant church in Deák tér, the center of the city.


The Square of Roses (Rózsák tere)


Szabadság tér in autumn

Comfort in Liberty Square

A sunny afternoon on the Danube embankment

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