Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge pictures. Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) is one of the best known icons of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Even though there are several other spectacular bridges in the city, Lánchíd managed to become the most popular of them with its wonderful architecture and its 'chains of lights' at night. Lánchíd (built 1842-1849) was the first bridge spanning the Danube and connecting Buda and Pest, and was a great architectural achievement of the time. The designer of the bridge was the English William Tierney Clark, and was built by Scotsman Adam Clark. Unfortunately the bridge was blown up by the receding German troops in 1945, but was quickly rebuilt in its original form in 1949. Lánchíd is spectacular not only when viewed from afar, but also while walking across it (especially at night), offering stunning views of the beautifully lit city.

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Chain Bridge (Lánchíd), one of the most characteristic icons of Budapest.

The Chain Bridge was built around 1848 and rebuilt after WWII.

Details above the bridge's archway include the Hungarian coat-of-arms.

The Chain Bridge in a snowstorm.

Chains of light.

Lánchíd in winter.

Reflections on the majestic Danube.

Across the Danube.

The frozen details of the Chain Bridge.

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