Visegrád pictures. Views from Visegrád castle on top of a hill overlooking the Danube Bend.

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Great views of the Danube Bend from Visegrád Castle.

Visegrád Castle overlooking the Visegrád Mountains.

The Northern tip of Szentendre Island

Traditional Hungarian blue well, found in most small towns and villages.

Autumn in the Visegrád Mountains

Hikers near Rám-szakadék, a dramatic crevice in the Visegrád Mountains

In the Rám Crevice (Rám-szakadék)

Autumn trees

The sign of the Hungarian Blue Trail

Fence surrounding a private land in the mountains

Summer colours


The Danube can be seen in the distance

The Duna-Ipoly National Park

In about 35 degrees Celsius

Panorama from the hiking trail

View from the top of Prédikálószék Mountain (the name means preacher's stand) at an altitude of 639 metres

On top of Prédikálószék

The mountains surrounding Prédikálószék Mountain

The sign of the more than 1000km long Hungarian 'Blue Trail'

Tree hanging on to the side of one of the standing stones called Vadálló-kövek

Rain in the forests of the Visegrád Mountains

Unripe blackberries on the steep mountainside

Revolving door applied to the woods

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