Dublin pictures. Street scenes from the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

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Temple Bar (and the pub of the same name), the entertainment district of Dublin

Inner Dublin

Feel strong

Mounted member of the Irish police, the Garda

Broken angel

On the campus of the Trinity College (officially called simply the Provost, Fellows and Scholars of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin)

Bag City

May cause death - bus timetable in Dublin

The wall of one of Dublin's most subtle sex shops

Not to worry!

Booze 2 Go - a pretty straightforward off licence in Parnell Street


Freebird Records

Sightseeing boat in Dublin

While almost everyone speaks English, Irish is used on official signs in an attempt to preserve the language

Banner celebrating Sinn Féin ('We Ourselves'), the Irish nationalist political party closely linked to the IRA

Skateboarding Prohibited - sign on a hideous (brutalist style?) office building, designed to suck the life out of you anyway

Life in Dublin

Despite the city's relatively compact size Dublin's streets can be extremely busy

Architecture by St Stephen's Green, a public park in South Dublin

Dame Street

View across the narrow River Liffey

The Oliver St John Gogarty pub, named after a surgeon/writer/football player of the same name.

Southwest Ireland's weather is among the country's driest, with only about 200 rainy days a year



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