Glendalough pictures. Pictures from the Glendalough valley (the original Irish name Gleann Dá Loch means the valley of two lakes) and its surroundings, in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains (about an hour's drive from Dublin).

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Graveyard in Glendalough's Monastic City

Celtic High Crosses on tombs

On the shore of the Upper Lake

View from the ridge between peaks Lugduff and Mullacor

View from Lugduff

The Monastic City with St Kevin's monastery

The ruins of St Kevin's Cathedral with tombstones lying flat on the ground

817m Tonelagee as seen from the Camaderry ridge

What looks like an extremely dry landscape is in fact one giant bog (a type of wetland) hiding under the plants

Surreal-looking peat hags at the top of Camaderry

The valley of Glendalough

This is not a blurry shot - the effect is due to the dense plantation of pines

Ominous views over Glendalough's pinewoods

Flowers love the wet climate

Towards the valley

Not really an indigenous species, but it seems to like the place

The red hiking route passing by Mullacor mountain

10 minutes' rest among the boulders by the Glenealo River - the signposted route ends here, and the bog walk begins

The ridge of Camaderry that leads down to the valley of Glendalough

Hikers at the footbridge over the Glenealo river leading to the Spink ridge

To get a sense of scale: those specks on the sand are people

Walking on water sign in the Upper Lake

View from the the middle of the peat bogs covering the mountainside of Camaderry

Sunny days are a rare thing here, though the county's 200 rainy days a year make it one of the driest areas of Ireland

The steep side of the Spink


The path to the Monastic City's graveyard

There are graves dating from the 18th century

The long descent from Camaderry

The Upper Lake

The Glenealo River as seen from the Spink, a series of cliffs along the Upper Lake

View from Camaderry towards the East

View from the Camaderry ridge

The red water of acidic Glenealo River

The Upper Lake

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