Douglas pictures. Douglas (Doollish in the Manx language), the capital of the Islle of Man set in a beautifull bay surrounded by hillls.

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Douglas Head Lighthouse

The rocks outside Douglas with a small concrete bunker

The Camera Obscura that projects images of the surrounding Douglas Bay (without the use of lens)

A Manx Electric Railway car with benches whose backrests can be manually rotated so the whole car doesn't have to be turned around at the last stop

Spring in Douglas

The Manx Electric Railway's open-air and closed carriages

Terraced housing in Douglas

Angler tending to the catch after pointing out a baby seal swimming near the pier

Fog over the Douglas lighthouse

At low tide you can walk a hundred metres from here before you reach the water

Unrealistically green Manx lawn

1943 litres

The port of Douglas

Beware! Horse trams! Douglas does actually have horse trams along its seaside promenade in summer.

The hunger strike over the prison's smoking ban was one of the biggest news story in the spring of 2008

Hutchinson Square


Anglers by Douglas lighthouse

'Maximum penalty: f^ck you' - fighting the power on the Isle of Man

The Manx find it important to show they're not English; they even paint Britain's standard black litter bins blue to show how much this is so.

Douglas Bay at low tide with the Tower of Refuge, a shelter built for sailors who got shipwrecked on Canister Rock

One of the Manx Electric Railway's tramcars

Park in Douglas

Though they paint their litter bins blue, the post pillar boxes remain red unlike their brothers on similarly Crown-dependent Guernsey

The Steam Railway at Douglas station

Residential Douglas

Victorian terraces built during the period when Douglas became a popular seaside resort with the English

The three-legged Manx symbol is almost ubiquitous on the island

View over Douglas with the Sileau Ruy mountain in the background

The scenic Raad Ny Foillan (The Way of the Gull) coastal path leading out of Douglas

Stone wall along the coastal road near Douglas

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