Jersey pictures. Jersey is an island off the northern coast of France; it is owned by the United Kingdom, but has a lot of independence in managing its own affairs. It's an extremely beautiful place (especially for cycling and walking), and an interesting mixture of British and French influences.

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Portelet Bay on the southern shore of Jersey. The small island with the tower is the resting place of a sea captain who wasn't allowed to land after a voyage because he was suspected to have the plague.

Most of Jersey's inland consists of such quiet an beautiful country lanes

At Sorel Point on Jersey's northern shore

Good Night (Bonne Nuit) harbour to the left

A bicycle hire place. Cycling is a highly recommended way to see the island as many of the roads have very little traffic, and there's a well-marked cycling trail network (as seen on the map in the photo)

Cycling in Jersey

Deer in someone's backyard

Jersey coastline

The end of the world (Sorel Point)


Belle Houge Point (northern Jersey)

Portelet Bay - the small island can be reached on foot at low tide via a small causeway (it's covered by water at high tide)


The desolate land around Corbiére lighthouse, one of Jersey's best-known landmarks

Corbiére lighthouse

It's a pound. It's got the Queen on it. But it's also in French! (Plus a local language, Jèrriais)

Nazi fortress - when the Nazis invaded Jersey during WWII (the Channel Islands were the only part of the UK that they ever invaded), they built a series of fortresses around the island to defend it

No horses on the beach

British crown on a bike bell


Ring for service (bicycle hire place in an old tunnel dug during WWII)

Along the Mont de la Pulente road

Old sign

Jersey sunset

Toads for 3/4 mile

Walking trail

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