Meknes pictures. Meknes, one of the four Moroccan Imperial Cities, is a smaller and more relaxed version of chaotic capital Rabat and Marrakech, and is a lot less touristy, too (we only saw tourists around a McDonalds which was packed with locals). The most interesting place of the city is the extremely labyrinthine medina quarter that not even the local tourist office mapped for their official city guide. Another area worth exploring is west of the Medina (the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is near the entrance of this neighbourhood) - it's absolutely sure that you'll get lost, but as there are hardly any shops, it's a lot more peaceful than other parts of the city during the day. This gallery also contains some pictures from the new town near the railway station, which looks nothing like the European-influenced modern district of Rabat.

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Downtown Meknes

Homeward bound

The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, a former Moroccan sultan

Adobe houses

Avenue Mohamed V

After 9-10pm previously thronged streets like this one suddenly become empty

Traffic-free zone

The shanty is the local police station


Signs in Arabic and French

A Moroccan meal - at least before you get diarrhoea

Everything to the right

Downtown Meknes

The medina in Meknes

A very busy intersection without any apparent highway code

Crumbling window

The triumph of engineering


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