Slovakia pictures. Most of these pictures have been taken in the High Tatras mountain range in Slovakia (the area is also known as the Tatra National Park). The High Tatras are the only high mountain range in Eastern Europe with great hiking opportunities and wonderful sceneries, especially in winter when the higher territory of the Tatra mountains seems to be frozen and in a dormant state.

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High Tatras

Fire and ice (at the Lake of Poprad in the High Tatras).

Snow-clad Tatra forest.

The iceworld of Popradske Pleso (Poprad Lake).

Burning mountains.


Lake of Poprad slowly being engulfed by mist.

Mountain stream rushing past.

Minor mountain stream.

The lake functions as a rowing lake in the summer.

Farewell from one of the most beautiful places in the Tatra.


Restored examples of the eclectic architectural style

Downtown 'alley' with wrought iron lamps and shop signs

Most of the inner city is now a pedestrian precinct


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