Spain pictures. Spain has almost everything: an incredible variety of beautiful cities, villages and nature, good food and great weather. This gallery contains pictures from old Barcelona (including Antoni Gaudí's surreal creations), the streets of royal Madrid, incredibly colorful and atmospheric Seville (for many the archetype of Spain), Moorish Granada, chaotic Algeciras, sleepy Cordoba and the delightful village of Bobadilla (in the middle of nowhere).

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Algeciras's chaotic appearance shows the closeness of Morocco (just across the Gibraltar strait)

Still life on a Spanish rooftop

The only cloud in the area loves to reside above British-ruled Gibraltar

The first moments of consciousness


Shaded street in Barrio Santa Cruz, the old town of Seville

The residents of Calle Verde (Green St) took the name seriously

Las Cadenas

The colors of Seville

Antique shop

Spanish kids playing football using a church door as the goal

River Guadalquivir

Deserted street in the Centro

Sevillan Hotel


Kids playing football outside while adults are watching the match on the pub's TV inside

The architecture of the Carthusian Monastery is in stark contrast of the nearby buildings of Expo 92

Monasterio de la Cartuja

Night in Seville

Evening stroll


Peculiar architecture

Patio de Banderas, a courtyard in the royal Alcazar palace

Yellow + white

Sunbathing by the arena

Cafe in Antonia Diaz

Calle Alfalfa

Plaza de Toros, the bullfighting arena

Streets suddenly become empty on Sunday nights

Local eatery where you can sit down on the steps at the back and have various kinds of tapas (small dishes like Gazpacho soup served in a glass with ice) and bocadillos (sandwiches, often with excellent Serrano cured ham)

Garbage truck drivers mastering the art of steering a mammoth of a vehicle in the narrow alleys of the city

Tapas bar in Triana, a modern residential district of Seville

Calle Verde

Chaos - view from Giralda Cathedral's tower



Colorful Santa Cruz

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria's weather is a year-round Spring/Summer

On the road in the volcanic mountains that make up most of the island's interior

Sign that surely means 'take a sharp left or you'll die' in Spanish

The village of San Nicolas de Tolentino

The dunes of Maspalomas are largely made up of crushed shells

Down - incredible views approaching La Aldea de San Nicolas

Mill in the middle of nowhere


Houses perched on top of a hill in San Nicolas

San Nicolas de Tolentino

The Sahara-like sand dunes of Maspalomas

Lobster (la langosta) requires special tools to crack but tastes excellent


'Where should we put the mill, José?' 'I think, María, where there's the most demand for flour.' 'Good point, José.'

The Canary Islands have a huge network of excellent trails among the mountains, and the less-known areas have very little trafic

Not Arizona

Downhill among the farms on the mountain

On the road


Playa del Inglés ('English beach')

By the Atlantic

The sand dunes in Maspalomas


Spanish appetizers: gazpacho, oyster and mussels

Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup

Bus stop at an altitude of 1200m - buses can barely navigate the narrow and winding mountain roads and passes

Canarian tapas (a variety of small dishes): wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas; a local speciality), mojo sauce, calamari, serrano ham, olives and bread

It's just resting (the agave produces this long stem while flowering, and then the whole plant dies)

A barranco (deep valley or canyon) on Gran Canaria

'Dónde está la zapatería?' 'About 20km from here, son, because we built this village on top of a mountain.'

Waiter showing the fish to be grilled to customers

The Atlantic Ocean

0km at an altitude of 1200m (3600 feet)


Standstill in Bobadilla, in the middle of nowhere

Night in Bobadilla

Bobadilla Blues


Barcelona residential

Old street in the Poble Sec district

Poble Sec

Passage de Grácia in the grid-patterned Eixample ('Extension') district

La Rambla, the major pedestrian street of Barcelona

The windows of La Rambla


Alley in Barcelona's old town

Highway code

Chimneys on top of Casa Milá, designed by Antoni Gaudí

Grim chimney

Gaudí's abstract forms

Casa Milá

Abstract statue by Gaudí

In the background the La Sagrada Familia cathedral's towers can be seen

The inner courtyard of Casa Milá

'What's the truth?' - the gate of La Sagrada Familia

Barcelonian night on a run-down balcony in a run-down house

Poble Sec

View from the terrace of El Palau Nacional de Montjüic




The colours of a tiny Spanish village

View from the Anaga Mountains near Chamorga

Blue + Green

Game preserve, Anaga Mountains


Kiki the dog with some cacti

Atlantic Ocean

Part of a Spanish home

A long and winding road leads to the isolated village of Chamorga in the Anaga Mountains

The village of Chamorga

Volcanic rock formations in the Atlantic Ocean



Tiny village that can only be reached via a steep footpath or by boat

Hiking on Tenerife's northeastern tip

Small church in Chamorga

Farm in the valley (only transport link: boat)

Chamorga village

Dog on dark volcanic sand

Black sand of volcanic origin on the beach

On the seaside



The man with the umbrella


In La Laguna's historic downtown


The colours of atmospheric Santa Cruz de Tenerife (a lot less touristic city than Playa de las Américas

Santa Cruz dusk

Off limits


Santa Cruz architecture

Ice cream in the (warm) winter

Serrano ham is to die for

Moonlight Whisky Bar

Postmodern Santa Cruz library

Each of these hand-made lightbulbs used in Santa Cruz's public squares has a slightly different shape

The Mortgage Generation

Diver mural

The Pink Tacos (slang for female genitals)

Bill against domestic violence



Santa Cruz de Tenerife


In the crater of Tenerife's Teide volcano - the crater is a vast expanse of dry land and unusual rock formations

Stone hut in the volcano's crater

This hut was built at the beginning of the 20th century and belonged to a sanatorium, built here because the volcanic crater's air was considered good for lung problems

Hiking in the Teide's crater


An impressive balcony in downtown Madrid

The Viaducto bar near the Viaducto de Segovia

'Use your bike every day'


Street sign in Madrid Street

Alternative art in the Retiro park

Cheese shop

Spanish cheeses are great (here: hard cheese in a shopwindow)

Churros and buñuelos - Spanish desserts

Casa de Comidas (House of food)

Elegant downtown Madrid

Sunday afternoon

Tiny dog

Dog density

Madrid's Justicia district at night

Homeward bound

Vertigo - Gran Vía, Madrid

Gran Vía - Madrid's American-inspired avenue

Cerveceria (pub)




Lizards holdinf a balcony



Still-life, downtown Madrid

Used books at a newsstand

'The Republic of Dreamers' and other faded books at a mobile bookseller


Menu in the Cuatro Caminos (Four Ways) neighbourhood of Madrid

Blue and yellow

Mural depicing 19th century life right next to an awful 20th century modernist building


Pedestrian precinct near the Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate Square)


Fountain, Plaza de Espana

Elegant facade on Plaza Mayor

Affluent neighbourhood near the Madrid bullring (Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas)

The Retiro park


The street of watching the sun

The gate to the royal palace, Palacio Real

Black and white

Strangely many streets in Mardid have been overrun by these stickers, each of which(!) advertises Madrid locksmiths

Having a coffee in the Cuatro Caminos neighbourhood

'Say no to telerubbish!'

Old tiles

Beer bottle on colourful Spanish tiles

Ticket office at the bullring (Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas)

University on legs

The entrance to the Department of Physical Activities and Sports at the Complutense University of Madrid

'Get your university back' - election posters at the Complutense university

The beautiful residential area in Madrid

Pub under the Segovia viaduct




Alley in Córdoba

La Mezquita - a moorish palace dating back to the 10th century


Local Spaniards in Cordoba




View from the Alhambra, the moorish palace of Granada

The Alhambra complex

The gardens of the Alhambra


Sleeping Granada

Granada's sleepy colours

Granada's old town


Houses lining Girona's dry riverbed

Girona's old town

Night playground

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