Stockholm pictures. The gallery presents the streetscapes of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It one of the most colorful cities in the world - its Scandinavian residents might prefer to wear much darker colors and behave in a more reserved way than people do in many cultures to the south and east, but the beautiful and unique architecture of downtown Stockholm is painted such vivid - but never tasteless - colors that the streets make the impression of a very light-hearted city on the visitor.

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The seaside avenue leading to the park-covered Djurgarden peninsula from the city center.

Dome on the Strandvagen.


No. 11.

Anglers at the icy Norrström channel between the Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea.

Swedish fishermen

Kornhamnstorg square with the statue that's obviously up to something

Downtown alley.

The Swedish Army Museum looks like a drawing.

The harbour of Stockholm.

Viking-style ship in the Stockholm harbour.

Second-hand bookseller in Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan).


Scandinavian grocery.

The tree-lined Strandvagen avenue.


Traffic lights.

Local baffled by the passing snowplough tram



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