Switzerland pictures. Switzerland is a varied mix of French, German and Italian cultures, and is also a mix of beautiful nature (including the Swiss Alps and the Lake Geneva) and almost just as great and orderly towns.
This gallery includes a host of pictures from the Geneva area - more specifically from Geneva, Chillon, Montreux and Tannay - and from the area of Interlaken plus from Zürich.

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Genevian panorama.

Above the Lake Geneva, on the border of Switzerland and France.

The piers of Chateau de Chillon (an old castle by the Geneva Lake).

Details of the floral clock of Geneva.

Jet d'Eau ('Jet of Water'), a 120m high fountain - the symbol of Geneva.

Jet d'Eau rainbow.

Lakeside restaurant in the small town of Tannay.

Lac Léman panorama.

The magical scenery of the Geneva Lake.


One of Fraumünster Church's stained glass windows, created by Marc Chagall.

Another Chagall window in blue.

Chagall painted these windows in 1970.

And a green one

The tower of Grossmünster, Zürich's cathedral.

Zürich's Grossmünster tower.

Butter-colored tower.

The old town of Zürich.


Passing time.

Mushroom in the woods around Interlaken.

Clouds gathering over Lake Thun.

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