Geneva pictures. The Lac Léman (or: the Lake Geneva) is the largest (580 sq km) Alpine lake, lying on the Swiss-French border, flanked by the huge Alps. Besides its stunning location it boasts a mediterranean climate and many atmospheric coastal towns where passing time and enjoying the scenery is wonderful (for this, it is justly called the Swiss Riviera, except for the - fortunate - lack of big tourist hordes). These towns include Lausanne, Montreux (previously home to Freddy Mercury's studio) and the Chateau de Chillon, a medieval waterfront castle.
Geneva is the the capital of the region and central site of the United Nations, and despite being in the Alps, it has a mediterranean atmosphere, with southern-style architecture, coastal walkways, and windows overlooking the huge lake. In Geneva's port can be found the symbol of the city, Jet d'Eau: a 120m high fountain.

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Genevian panorama.

Above the Lake Geneva, on the border of Switzerland and France.

The piers of Chateau de Chillon (an old castle by the Geneva Lake).

Details of the floral clock of Geneva.

Jet d'Eau ('Jet of Water'), a 120m high fountain - the symbol of Geneva.

Jet d'Eau rainbow.

Lakeside restaurant in the small town of Tannay.

Lac Léman panorama.

The magical scenery of the Geneva Lake.

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