Zürich pictures. Zürich, situated on the bank of the Swiss Lake Zürich (Zürichsee) and along the Limmat River, is a fine example of Swiss planning and architecture. The most attractive sights in the city are the river with its bridges and houses and the walkway along it, the view across the Lake Zürich, the Grossmünster cathedral with its unique butter-colored towers, and the Fraumünster temple, displaying fine stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.

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One of Fraumünster Church's stained glass windows, created by Marc Chagall.

Another Chagall window in blue.

Chagall painted these windows in 1970.

And a green one

The tower of Grossmünster, Zürich's cathedral.

Zürich's Grossmünster tower.

Butter-colored tower.

The old town of Zürich.

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