USA: Only in the USA

USA: Only in the USA pictures. Pictures from New York and California, two samples of this huge and diverse country.

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New York City

Avenue of the Finest - found this while looking for the pedestrian approach to Brooklyn Bridge (not as easy as it sounds)

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird exhibited in the USS Intrepid museum (capable of acquiring speeds of over 3 Mach)

Even the police station has a (blue and pink) neon sign in Times Square

One Way - the financial district

Lead article in the free satirical newspaper The Onion ( showing how much better a few beers make a people's job market prospects

Green lights along Park Avenue, Harlem

Rebelling against the system - licking the balls of the Charging Bull (or Wall Street Bull) statue, often used as the symbol of the power of the financial world

A rather subtle US Army recruitment center (aka 'Career Center') in Times Square

The Roosevelt Island Tramway costs the same as a subway ride and offers good views over the Upper East Side and the huge Queensboro Bridge as it takes you to Roosevelt Island

Ten second-rate superheroes and ten Sesame Street wannabes - rather creative ads above Times Square subway station (where 9 subway lines stop)

Skylines, Liberty Island

Lady Liberty

Avenue of the Americas (formerly 6th Avenue)

Tourists (and a cyclist in the background going against 4 lanes of one-way traffic on the Avenue of Americas)

The chaotic streetscape of Midtown East

Looking up in the financial district

The pleasant pedestrian boardwalk on Brooklyn Bridge runs above the road cars use

Silicon Valley

Google's HQ in Mountain View has hundreds of such bikes, and they can be used by anyone (they're not locked) when going to a distant building on campus (for lunch, for example)

Outdoor tables at Charlie's, Google's first cafe - today there are more than 10 places on campus (serving American, Indian and Mexican cuisine, among others) where employees can eat for free

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