Los Angeles

Los Angeles pictures. Los Angeles is a huge, chaotic but at the same time relaxed city. Welcome to Southern California.

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A somewhat impractical mode of transportation on Venice Beach

Skater girl on Venice Beach

Vintage car show on the streets of Culver City, Los Angeles

Interested parties at the vintage car show

Change is Obama

Unicorns, colors, salboats, clouds, sand. The whole lot.

Venice, an area of Los Angeles (loosely) modeled on Venice, Italy.

DeLorean, Venice beach

Detectors will detect

Safety first

It's hot

Experts recommend saving enough to live to 105, apparently.

Eyes (Hollywood Boulevard)

Fake graffiti for sale

Notice of filming

Back to an old future

The History of Future Folk, which is apparently a movie (taken at Sundance Cinemas on Sunset Boulevard)

Going to the beach

The Oscar given to the Godfather (Best Picture) - it can be seen at Paramount Studios

Arnold Schwarzenegger - on a house in Venice, Los Angeles near Muscle Beach, where Schwarzenegger used to be a regular

Relaxing on the beach on a scorching day

Cool(-ish) guys at the Culver City car show

I Hate Your Smile - emo on the beach

Headless sighting on Sunset Boulevard. Call them if you see this man


Helpful policeman taking picture of a kid

Hippies on Venice beach. I have a dream.

A cafe in Hollywood

The studios of Paramount Pictures

Sunset Boulevard and the houses of the rich on the hillside above it

Laser-eyed bunny (a kid's drawing, presumably) in the shopwindow of a store in Hollywood

Contact lenses. I think I'll be avoiding this store

Motorway in the city of Angels

The entrance to the studio of Paramount Pictures (Melrose Avenue, Hollywood(


Doctors prescribing medical marijuana on the beach

Cacti in front of a Mexican-inspired house

Proud homeless American

Psychic Therapist and Bartending Academy - Hollywood

Ronald Reagan before he became President

Rollerblading in Venice

Wooden roses

Bazinga! Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory


A bridge in Venice

The packed-up set of a show (probably being sent to storage between seasons)

Strip mall country

Billboard for the show America's Got Talent in Hollywood

Transformers vs. aliens

Atmospheric Venice, a suburb of LA

Colorful architecture in Venice

Venice night

The canals of Venice

Unrealistically tiny dog

Winnie the Pooh - not just real people can get a star on the Walk of Fame

Wise Yoda watching the people of Hollywood

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