New York City: People

New York City: People pictures. A city of 8 million people (metropolitan area: 18 million), New York City is the financial and cultural hub of the United States.

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Intersection of Gansevoort and Washington Streets viewed from the High Line, a former elevated railway turned into an elevated park

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge


The Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood, 11th Avenue

Dog run in the Hudson River Park (at Pier 84)

A dogwalking business

Graffiti in a schoolyard

Graffiti in downtown Manattan

125th Street, Harlem

Lunchtime on the High Line, a former elevated railway turned into an elevated park (the first section was opened in 2009 with further sections to follow later)

View over 10th Avenue from the High Line, Meatpacking District

According to the exhibits of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, about 100 million (1/3rd of the country's population) US citizens' ancestors first entered the States via the Ellis Island immigration station (open between 1892 to 1954)

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird exhibited in the USS Intrepid museum (capable of acquiring speeds of over 3 Mach)

Uptown square

Family baseball in Central Park

On the corner of Bryant Park, one of the relatively few open spaces in downtown Manhattan

A busy day in Manhattan

New York colors

A bit of amateur modelling in the park

Central Park after work


Rebelling against the system - licking the balls of the Charging Bull (or Wall Street Bull) statue, often used as the symbol of the power of the financial world

Love, Roosevelt Island

Snake 'charmer', Battery Park

NY bagels are excellent, cheap, and widely available (try the classic cream cheese, salmon and black pepper bagel)

Outdoor chess in Greenwich Village

2nd Avenue near Queensboro Bridge's ramp

Battery Park

Rundown underground tunnels connecting the scattered entrances of 14th Street station

Tourists (and a cyclist in the background going against 4 lanes of one-way traffic on the Avenue of Americas)


Wall Street after work

The pleasant pedestrian boardwalk on Brooklyn Bridge runs above the road cars use

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