San Francisco

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San Francisco seen from the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill

A cell in Alcatraz

Crowded life in Alcatraz

Mural over the New Sun Restaurant on Columbus Avenue

Nightclubs oin San Francisco's Broadway

The Camera Obscura's rotating lens (built in 1947) projects soft, almost dream-like images of the surrounding landscape onto a huge screen (the camera is located next to the Cliff House at Point Lobos)

A chilli dog: a hot dog with chilli con carne at Buster's Cheesesteaks

Piano under the window - mural on the corner of Columbus and Broadway (just outside Chinatown)

Clam chodwer in a sourdough loaf

View from Coit Tower over Telegraph Hill

Dragon car (Jefferson Street, Fisherman's Wharf)

Customized sourdough loaves in the Boudin Bakery

At Fort Point under Golden Gate Bridge

Animal loaves at Boudin Sourdough Bakery

A DVD Blowout



Coit Tower's murals depicting turn-of-the-century life in San Francisco


The Golden Gate is a bridge of immense proportions (at least from a European perspective)

A 1950s Ford Fairlane - restored old cars are quite a common sight on the streets of San Francisco

Crissy Fields under the gigantic Golden Gate bridge; the Marin Headlands' hills can be seen across the Golden Gate strait

Chinatown's Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (free entry and tasters; you can also buy fresh cookies); I asked where the fortunes come from (secretly expecting a sage with a long beard in a corner writing them down), and the answer was 'They just get shipped in.'

At Land's End

Garage sale

Sunday in Golden Gate Park

Leather jacket, Alcatraz

Graffiti on the corner of Washington Square Park

The Mission District is well-known for its street artist community and many of the city's walls are covered by murals


3 Harley Davidsons parked in the Marin Headlands just across the bridge from San Francisco

Harmonica lessons

(Big) Hill warning sign indicating that a very steep slope is coming up

The less glamorous back door to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Mobile taquería selling Mexican food in the Mission District

'Indiand welcome to Indianland' - after the Alcatraz Penitentiary was closed, the island was taken over by Native Americans in the 60s and 70s, demanding compensation for the crimes committed against them


Jack Kerouac Alley - the author of On The Road spent a lot of time in San Francisco (and so did many other Beat Generation writers; the Beat Museum and the City Lights Bookstore commemorate them)

Street art in the Mission District

San Francisco Bay

Literature in Alcatraz

Little City Meats - butcher in North Beach

The Powell & Mason Line cable car at its Taylor St terminal

Mexican village life on the side side of a taco van

Modern dance(?)

San Francisco is full of extremely steep hills; the city's still quite cyclist-friendly with its wide lanes and alternative hill-free routes

Dungeness crab is a popular delicacy in California; crabs are usually cooked alive shortly after they are caught

San Franciscans on Ocean Beach on a chilly spring day

The painter

Free papers, including one by an organization called the Purple Lotus Society

Park life


Fort Point

View towards downtown San Francisco from Potrero Hill

Bill in Chinatown talking about the 2010 elections in Chinese

View form Sutro Heights Park over the nearby hillside and the Pacific Ocean; it's amazing that despite its confined geographical location (ie. the tip of a peninsula), San Francisco has prevented large areas of such green space from being built up


When visiting Alcatraz you can see a demonstration of the prison doors' opening mechanism (and also hear the clang of 20 prison doors closing at the same time)

Prisoners' clothes in Alcatraz

Demonstrating the physics of pulleys (the more pulleys there are between you and the weight, the easier it is to lift it) at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Basic Steak Sauce recipe in the window of Little City Meats

Telegraph Hill

San Francisco offers amazing views to those who can afford it; this photo was taken in Pacific Heights

San Francisco bay

Point Lobos Avenue; former San Fransco mayor Adolph Sutro's iconic baths and amusement park used to be here; now it's a recreational area

San Francisco's Broadway is a much less grandiose place than the one in New York

The Balclutha, a huge 19th century ship that sailed between San Francisco and the UK many times (circumnavigating South America)

Which one would you go for?

Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard, named after the eponymous musical revue, which has been running continuously for more than 35 years

A solitary cell in Alcatraz

A San Francisco cable car

San Francisco has many excellent views from its hillsides

'Postcards from the other side' - a documentary and discussion on Mexican immigrants' lives in the US and their families left behind (the Mission District has a high population of Mexican migrants)

View from Potrero Hill in the southern part of San Francisco

San Francisco's cable cars are turned manually at their terminals

Climbing Telegraph Hill - the city's terrain is not kind to old legs

Vintage cars lined up along Fisherman's Wharf

Dog-walking/dog-sitting business

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