Uruguay pictures. Uruguay is a small, Spanish-speaking country between Argentina and Brazil. These photos show its capital, Montevideo.

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Old Uruguayan on Avenida 18 Julio, one of Montevideo's thoroughfares

60s Montevideo architecture

Bike, Avenida 18 Julio

Cycling in the residential Parque Rodó neighbourhood of Montevideo

Downtown Montevideo is characterized by beautiful colonial buildings



Calle San Salvador in the beautiful Palermo district

Locals playing chess on the street

'Take the streets' and 'One man's city is not a city' - graffiti in Uruguay shows a lot of anger towards those in power

Retro coke in the old town

The beautiful colonial Palermo neighbourhood

Street art

An upcoming Uruguay-Colombia match - football (the European version) is South America's most popular sport

Google Aratirí - Aratirí is a large mining project that has caused controversy because of its possible environmental effects


Humanity 3.0 - Everyone together, everywhere, all the time

Annul the expiry law - referring to the law that gives immunity to those who were part of the government or the military during Uruguay's dictatorship in the 70s and 80s, during which time many civilians were killed (often completely disappearing)


Ciudad Vieja (old town)

Gourds from which locals drink mate (often while walking down the street), a tea-like drink

Megaphone advertising


'Persevere and you'll succeed' / 'Work is health' - (Facebook: Trabajadores Siglo Veintiuno, Workers of the 21th Century)

Flower bike

Plaza de la Independencia

Cerveceria (pub) La Pasiva

Rust is not a crime

In all directions - bus stop

Photo exhibition in the Montevideo subway (Subte)

Satirical posters about work ('Work dignifies' / 'Take decisions' / 'People understand if you tell them(?)')

Collecting the trash



Old bus in downtown Montevideo

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